12 Facts About Aki Ross


Aki Ross lowers a shielded vehicle, with Aki and Gray aboard, into the crater to locate the final spirit.

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Aki Ross has a vision of the Phantom home planet, where she is able to receive the eighth spirit from the alien particles in herself.

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Aki Ross is pulled from the crater holding Gray's body, and is seen looking into the newly liberated world.

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Aki Ross could have gone out and hired a real actress and got some little people to play the dwarfs; but he felt very strongly that there was a better way to tell that particular story.

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Director Sakaguchi named the main character after his mother, Aki Ross, who died in an accident several years prior to the production of the film.

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Aki Ross later explained that the theme he wanted to convey was "more of a complex idea of life and death and spirit", believing that the best way to portray this would be to set the film on Earth.

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Aki Ross's appearance was conceived by the lead animator of the project, Roy Sato, who created several conceptual designs for Sakaguchi to consider, and then used the selected design as a guide for her character model.

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Aki Ross concluded that Aki ended up being similar to him in almost every way, with the exception that "she's a lot cuter".

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Aki Ross only made one appearance outside of the film; in 2002 she appeared in a demonstration video that Square Pictures made to present to The Wachowskis before developing Final Flight of the Osiris for The Animatrix.

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Aki Ross expressed a desire for the film to succeed in hopes of seeing others made in its image, though he was skeptical of its ability to be accepted.

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Aki Ross had high praise for the animation in general, though lamented that the character's faces did not look quite real enough.

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Aki Ross's appearance was received positively by critics, with praise for the finer details of the character model such as the rendering of her hair.

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