10 Facts About Osiris

1. Osiris is the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion.

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2. Osiris was one of the first to be associated with the mummy wrap.

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3. Osiris became the sovereign that granted all life, "Osiris Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful".

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4. Osiris is represented in his most developed form of iconography wearing the Atef crown, which is similar to the White crown of Upper Egypt, but with the addition of two curling ostrich feathers at each side.

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5. Osiris was commonly depicted as a pharaoh with a complexion of either green or black (alluding to the fertility of the Nile floodplain) in mummiform (wearing the trappings of mummification from chest downward).

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6. Osiris is the mythological father of the god Horus, whose conception is described in the Osiris myth.

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7. Osiris's managed to remove the coffin and retrieve her husband's body.

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8. Thereafter Osiris lived on as the god of the underworld.

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9. Osiris's made replicas of them and distributed them to several locations, which then became centres of Osiris worship.

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10. Passion of Osiris was reflected in his name 'Wenennefer", which alludes to his post mortem power.

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