16 Facts About Akka Mahadevi


Akka Mahadevi's composed fewer poems than other saints of the movement.

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The term Akka Mahadevi is an honorific given to her by great Lingayat saints such as Basavanna, Siddharama and Allamaprabhu and an indication of her high place in the spiritual discussions held at the "Anubhava Mantapa".

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Akka Mahadevi's is seen as an inspirational woman in Kannada literature and in the history of Karnataka.

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Akka Mahadevi was born in Udutadi, near Shivamogga in the Indian state of the Karnataka around 1130.

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Harihara's account goes on to say that when King Kaushika violated the conditions she had laid down, Akka Mahadevi left the palace, renouncing all her possessions including clothes, to travel to Srisailam, home of the god Para Shiva.

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Alternative accounts suggest that Akka Mahadevi's act of renunciation was a response to the king's threats after she refused his proposal.

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Akka Mahadevi's is believed to have travelled, towards the end of her life, to the Srisailam mountains, where she lived as an ascetic and eventually died.

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Akka Mahadevi's is considered by modern scholars to be a prominent figure in the field of female emancipation.

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Akka Mahadevi's took part in convocations of the learned such as the Anubhavamantapa in Kalyana to debate philosophy and enlightenment .

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Akka Mahadevi's rejected her life of luxury to live as a wandering poet-saint, travelling throughout the region and singing praises to her Lord Shiva.

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Akka Mahadevi's went in search of fellow seekers or sharanas because the company of the saintly or sajjana sanga is believed to hasten learning.

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Akka Mahadevi's found the company of such sharanas in Basavakalyana, Bidar district and composed many vachanas in praise of them.

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True ascetic, Akka Mahadevi is said to have refused to wear any clothing—a common practice among male ascetics, but shocking for a woman.

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The lyrics show Akka Mahadevi actively seeking a relationship with Chennamallikarjuna, and touches on themes of abandonment, carnal love and separation.

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Direct and frank lyrics that Akka Mahadevi wrote have been described as embodying a "radical illegitimacy" that re-examines the role of women as actors with volition and will, behaving in opposition to established social institutions and mores.

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Akka Mahadevi continues to occupy a significant place in popular culture and memory, with roads and universities named after her.

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