15 Facts About Al Hrabosky


Al Hrabosky's nickname is "The Mad Hungarian" because of his unusual last name and colorful character.

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Al Hrabosky played baseball and football at Savanna High School in Anaheim, California.

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Al Hrabosky was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the eleventh round of the 1967 amateur draft, but did not sign with the club.

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Al Hrabosky became a Cardinals fan favorite for his antics on the mound.

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Al Hrabosky led the National League in saves in 1975 with 22 en route to winning The Sporting News "NL Fireman of the Year" award.

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Early in his career with the Cardinals, Al Hrabosky enhanced his menacing appearance with long hair and a horseshoe moustache.

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When Vern Rapp became Cardinals manager in 1977, he imposed a grooming code on the players; Al Hrabosky cut his hair and shaved the moustache despite his vehement opposition.

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Al Hrabosky was traded from the Cardinals to the Kansas City Royals for Mark Littell and Buck Martinez during the Winter Meetings on December 8,1977.

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Al Hrabosky had sixty strikeouts and 35 walks while allowing fewer hits and runs than the year before.

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Al Hrabosky pitched in the eighth inning of the first three games, allowing a combined total of three hits and one run, but the Royals lost to the New York Yankees for a third straight year, this time in four games.

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Al Hrabosky allowed more hits and runs while having 39 strikeouts and ten walks.

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Al Hrabosky signed with the Chicago White Sox during spring training in 1983, but retired before the season began.

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In 13 seasons, Al Hrabosky recorded 64 wins, 35 losses, and 97 saves with an ERA of 3.

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Al Hrabosky has provided color commentary for Cardinals games since 1985 and has been with Bally Sports Midwest since 1997.

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Al Hrabosky serves as an occasional fill-in analyst on the Cardinals Radio Network.

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