6 Facts About Chicago White Sox

1. The Chicago White Sox are certainly doing everything they can to stay in.

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2. In 1988, the Chicago White Sox got rid of Ribbie and Roobarb, and Andy The Clown was not permitted to perform in new Comiskey Park when it opened in 1991.

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3. The Chicago White Sox are most prominently nicknamed "the South Siders", based on their particular district within Chicago.

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4. The Chicago White Sox would win the West division in 1993, and were in first place in 1994 when the season was cancelled due to the 1994 MLB Strike.

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5. The Chicago White Sox finished in the upper half of the American League in eight of his nine seasons, including six years in the top two of the league.

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6. The Chicago White Sox were heavily favored in the 1919 World Series, but lost to the Cincinnati Reds in 8 games.

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