6 Facts About Milwaukee Brewers

1. In 2016, the Milwaukee Brewers replaced their road navy and home gold alternates with a new navy alternate jersey.

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2. In 2010, the Milwaukee Brewers debuted a new alternate road jersey which, like the other alternate jersey, is navy blue, but bears a script "Milwaukee" on the front.

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3. In 1994, in collaboration with the Milwaukee Brewers celebrating their 25th year in Milwaukee, the team did a radical makeover of their uniforms.

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4. In 1990, the Milwaukee Brewers made significant modifications to their uniforms, switching from pullover to button-down jerseys.

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5. In 1972, the Milwaukee Brewers entered the double-knit era with uniforms based upon their flannels: all white with "BREWERS" on the front and blue and yellow trim on the sleeves, neck, waistband and down the side of the pants.

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6. In 1998, the Milwaukee Brewers changed leagues, going from the American League to the National League.

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