25 Facts About Cincinnati Reds

1. The Cincinnati Reds are said to be involved in talks with several teams about potential trades.

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2. The Cincinnati Reds have been in contact with the Yankees regarding a potential trade for Gray, John Boyle of the Dayton Daily News reports.

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3. The Cincinnati Reds signed him as a nondrafted free agent out of Nevada in 2016 after he had been overlooked as an eligible redshirt sophomore.

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4. The Cincinnati Reds have a number of players in the Arizona Fall League, as well as the Dominican, Mexican, and Venezuelan Winter Leagues, including many players who have appeared in a Louisville uniform.

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5. The Cincinnati Reds might be the frontrunners to complete a deal.

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6. The Cincinnati Reds have talked to the New York Yankees about a potential trade for starting pitcher Sonny Gray, according to Jon Morosi of mlb.

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7. The first ballpark the Cincinnati Reds occupied was Bank Street Grounds from 1882 to 1883 until they moved to League Park I in 1884, where they would remain until 1893.

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8. The Cincinnati Reds were forced to trade star pitchers Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake (to the San Francisco Giants), receiving minor league pitching prospects for both.

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9. On October 22, 2013, the Cincinnati Reds hired pitching coach Bryan Price to replace Baker as manager.

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10. The Cincinnati Reds ended up posting a winning record under Mackanin, but finished the season in 5th place in the Central Division.

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11. The Cincinnati Reds made a run at the playoffs but ultimately fell short.

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12. In 1999 the Cincinnati Reds won 96 games, led by manager Jack McKeon, but lost to the New York Mets in a one game playoff.

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13. In 1994, the Cincinnati Reds were in the newly created National League Central Division with the Chicago Cubs, St Louis Cardinals, as well as fellow rivals Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros.

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14. The Cincinnati Reds had a bullpen star in John Franco, who was with the team from 1984 to 1989.

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15. In 1984 the Cincinnati Reds began to move up, depending on trades and some minor leaguers.

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16. The Cincinnati Reds won the 1979 NL West behind the pitching of Tom Seaver but were dispatched in the NL playoffs by Pittsburgh.

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17. The Cincinnati Reds have not lost a World Series game since Carlton Fisk's home run, a span of 9 straight wins.

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18. The Cincinnati Reds breezed through the 1970 season, winning the NL West and captured the NL pennant by sweeping the Pittsburgh Pirates in three games.

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19. The Cincinnati Reds entered into a 30-year lease in exchange for the stadium commitment keeping the franchise in its original home city.

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20. That same year the Cincinnati Reds avoided a move to San Diego when the city of Cincinnati and Hamilton County agreed to build a state of the art, downtown stadium on the edge of the Ohio River.

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21. In April 1953, the Cincinnati Reds announced a preference to be called the "Redlegs", saying that the name of the club had been "Red Stockings" and then "Redlegs".

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22. The Cincinnati Reds finished ahead of John McGraw's New York Giants, and then won the world championship in eight games over the Chicago White Sox.

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23. The Cincinnati Reds had been playing baseball on that same site, the corner of Findlay and Western Avenues on the city's west side, for 28 years, in wooden structures that had been occasionally damaged by fires.

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24. At the start of the 20th century, the Cincinnati Reds had hitting stars Sam Crawford and Cy Seymour.

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25. Origins of the modern Cincinnati Reds can be traced to the expulsion of an earlier team bearing that name.

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