24 Facts About Philadelphia Phillies

1. The Philadelphia Phillies had money to burn and free agents to spend it on last year.

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2. The Philadelphia Phillies are prepared to loosen the purse strings this winter.

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3. In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies spent $10 million to upgrade the video system at Citizens Bank Park, including a new display screen in left field, the largest in the National League.

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4. In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies unveiled a statue of Harry Kalas at Citizens Bank Park.

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5. When the Philadelphia Phillies moved to Veteran's Stadium, they hired a group of young ladies to serve as ushers.

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6. The Philadelphia Phillies have a reading incentive program called Phanatic About Reading, which is designed to encourage students from kindergarten to eighth grade to read for a minimum of 15 minutes a night.

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7. In 2016, the Philadelphia Phillies added a red alternate uniform, similar to their spring training uniforms, to be used for mid-week afternoon games.

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8. In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies added a black circular patch with a 'B' in honor of minority owners Alexander and John Buck, who died in late 2010.

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9. In 2010, the Philadelphia Phillies added a black patch with a white "36" on the sleeves of their jerseys to honor Roberts, who died on May 6.

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10. In 2008, the Philadelphia Phillies introduced an alternate, cream-colored uniform during home day games in tribute to their 125th anniversary.

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11. On October 30, 2017, the Philadelphia Phillies announced Gabe Kapler as their new manager to succeed Mackanin.

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12. The Philadelphia Phillies were forced to use Francoeur because they had used all other pitchers available for the night.

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13. On September 17, 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies won their fifth consecutive East Division championship, and on September 28, during the final game of the season, the team set a franchise record for victories in a season with 102 by beating the Atlanta Braves in 13 innings, denying their division rivals a potential wild card berth.

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14. The Philadelphia Phillies went on to sweep the Reds in three straight games.

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15. The Philadelphia Phillies were unable to repeat the 2008 World Series victory; they were defeated in the 2009 series by the New York Yankees, 4 games to 2.

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16. The Philadelphia Phillies would then go on to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays in 5 games for their second World Series title in their 126-year history.

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17. In 2008, the Philadelphia Phillies clinched their second straight division title and defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the Division Series to record the franchise's first post-season victory since winning the 1993 NLCS.

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18. In 2004, the Philadelphia Phillies moved to their new home, Citizens Bank Park, across the street from the Vet.

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19. In 2001, the Philadelphia Phillies had their first winning season in eight years under new manager Larry Bowa, and their season record would not dip below.

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20. For the 1983 season the Philadelphia Phillies returned to the playoffs beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS in four games to capture their fourth NL pennant.

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21. The Philadelphia Phillies would return to the playoffs that season, in which the season was split in half due to a players' strike.

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22. Thus, the Philadelphia Phillies became the last of the 16 teams that made up the major leagues from 1901 to 1961 to win a World Series.

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23. The Philadelphia Phillies were the last National League team to sign a black player, a full 10 years after Jackie Robinson made his debut for the Dodgers.

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24. The Philadelphia Phillies have won their division 11 times, which ranks 6th among all teams and 4th in the National League, including five consecutive division titles from 2007 to 2011.

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