23 Facts About Richie Ashburn


Richie Ashburn was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995.

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One of the famous "Whiz Kids" of the National League champion 1950 Phillies, Richie Ashburn spent 12 of his 15 major-league seasons as the Phillies' center fielder.

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Richie Ashburn had been playing in to back up a pick-off throw on a pitchout, but pitcher Robin Roberts had instead thrown a fastball to the batter, Duke Snider.

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Richie Ashburn caught the ball in front of the right centerfield screen 400 feet distant after a long run.

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Richie Ashburn was a singles hitter rather than a slugger, accumulating over 2,500 hits in 15 years against only 29 home runs.

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Richie Ashburn accumulated the most hits of any batter during the 1950s.

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When play resumed Richie Ashburn fouled off another ball that struck her while she was being carried off in a stretcher.

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Richie Ashburn was traded to the Chicago Cubs following the 1959 season for three players.

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Richie Ashburn went on to anchor center field for the North Siders in 1960 and 1961.

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Richie Ashburn was purchased by the expansion New York Mets for the 1962 season and was the first batter in franchise history.

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The last straw might have been during the Mets' 120th loss, when Richie Ashburn was one of the three Mets victims in a triple play pulled off by his former teammates, the 9th-place Cubs.

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Richie Ashburn became a well-respected official, but retired from officiating when he retired from baseball.

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Richie Ashburn first worked with long-time Phillies announcers Bill Campbell and Byrum Saam.

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From 1971 to 1976, Ashburn worked together with Saam and Kalas who would both be Ford C Frick Award winners.

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Saam retired in 1976, and Richie Ashburn continued working with Kalas for the next two decades, the two growing to be best friends.

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Richie Ashburn regularly wrote for columns on the Phillies and Major League Baseball for The Philadelphia Bulletin and the Philadelphia Daily News.

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Richie Ashburn is interred in the suburban Gladwyne Methodist Church Cemetery, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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Richie Ashburn was inducted into The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame in 1997.

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Richie Ashburn was posthumously inducted into the inaugural class of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.

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Richie Ashburn said that he once had a habit of keeping a successful baseball bat in bed with him between games, not trusting the clubhouse crew to give him the same bat the next day.

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Richie Ashburn told Kalas that he had "slept with a lot of old bats" in his day.

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The Phillies requested that Richie Ashburn discontinue the practice, as Celebre's was not a Phillies sponsor, and it was considered free advertising.

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Richie Ashburn was allowed to make on-air birthday and anniversary wishes during Phillies games.

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