34 Facts About New York Mets


New York Mets are an American professional baseball team based in the New York City borough of Queens.

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The Mets compete in Major League Baseball as a member of the National League East division.

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One of baseball's first expansion teams, the Mets were founded in 1962 to replace New York's departed NL teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants.

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From 1964 to 2008, the New York Mets played their home games at Shea Stadium, named after William Shea, the founder of the Continental League, a proposed third major league, the announcement of which prompted their admission as an NL expansion team.

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Since 2009, the New York Mets have played their home games at Citi Field next to the site where Shea Stadium once stood.

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The New York Mets have qualified for the postseason ten times, winning the World Series twice and winning five National League pennants, and six National League East division titles.

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Since 2020, the New York Mets have been owned by billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen, who purchased the team for $2.

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In 1964, the New York Mets hired Yogi Berra as a coach under Casey Stengel's coaching staff.

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In 1966, the New York Mets famously bypassed future Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson in the amateur draft, instead selecting Steve Chilcott, who never played in the majors.

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The New York Mets came within one strike of losing the World Series against the Boston Red Sox before a series of hits and defensive miscues ultimately led to an error by Boston's Bill Buckner which gave the New York Mets a Game 6 victory.

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The New York Mets won their second World Series title in seven games.

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In 1987 the New York Mets declined to re-sign World Series MVP Ray Knight, who then signed with the Baltimore Orioles and traded away the flexible Kevin Mitchell to the Padres for long-ball threat Kevin McReynolds.

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New York Mets struggled for much of the 1990s, finishing with a losing record for six consecutive seasons between 1991 and 1996.

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New York Mets nearly missed the playoffs in 2001 and struggled from 2002 to 2004.

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The New York Mets eventually succumbed to the St Louis Cardinals in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series.

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In 2007, the New York Mets entered the final 17 games in the season with a seven-game lead in the NL East.

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New York Mets players spent more than 1,480 days in the disabled list in 2009, more than any other team in the majors.

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New York Mets returned to the postseason in 2016, marking only the second time in franchise history that the team qualified for the postseason in consecutive years.

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On November 1,2019, the Mets named Carlos Beltran as the new manager replacing Callaway.

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On January 7,2021, the New York Mets acquired pitcher Carlos Carrasco and all-star shortstop Francisco Lindor in a trade with the Cleveland Indians.

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In 1998, the Independent Budget Office of the city of New York published a study on the economic effect of the city's two Major League Baseball teams.

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New York Mets fans were more likely to be found in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Long Island counties of Nassau and Suffolk.

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Notable fans of the New York Mets include Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James, Julia Stiles, Ty Burrell, Bill Maher, Ben Stiller, Jimmy Kimmel, Hank Azaria, Jim Breuer, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick, Dylan O'Brien, Glenn Close, Billy Joel, Ad-Rock, MCA, Nas, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, Chris Christie, Patrick Mahomes, and Donovan Mitchell.

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New York Mets was introduced on the cover of game programs in 1963, when the Mets were still playing at the Polo Grounds in northern Manhattan.

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New York Mets have had two mascots other than Mr and Mrs Met at different points in its history.

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The suspension bridge in the center symbolizes that the Mets, by bringing National League baseball back to New York, represent all five boroughs; many of New York's major bridges are suspension designs.

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The logo fell into disuse after the New York Mets dropped the alternate black jerseys and caps in 2012.

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New York Mets have retired eight numbers in the history of the franchise.

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Braves–New York Mets rivalry is a rivalry between two teams in the National League East, featuring the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets.

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The New York Mets won the division in 2006 and contended in 2007 and 2008, while the Phillies won five consecutive division titles from 2007 to 2011.

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The Phillies' 2007 Eastern Division Title was won on the last day of the season as the New York Mets lost a seven-game lead with 17 games remaining while losing 12 of 18 games that season to the Phillies, including being swept at home in the first 3 games of the remaining 17, dropping their lead from 7 games to 3.

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Longtime New York Mets beat reporter Ed Coleman took over the pre- and post-game role for most games.

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The New York Mets were previously carried by WFAN-AM, which inherited the team's broadcast rights from WHN when it took over its frequency in 1987, and in later years by WFAN-FM which simulcasts the AM signal.

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Rose, who has spent much of his career covering the New York Mets, replaced Bob Murphy as Gary Cohen's broadcast partner in 2004 following Murphy's retirement.

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