37 Facts About Reggie Jackson

1. Reggie Jackson threw out the first pitch at the first game at the new Yankee Stadium.

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2. Reggie Jackson chose to wear a Yankees cap on his Hall of Fame plaque after the Oakland Athletics unceremoniously fired him from a coaching position in 1991.

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3. Reggie Jackson usually appears in uniform at the Yankee's spring training complex in Tampa, Florida, and was sought out for advice by such recent stars as Derek Jeter, before his retirement, and by former Yankee star Alex Rodriguez.

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4. Reggie Jackson credits Singletary, stating "he helped me drop that shell I put up.

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5. Reggie Jackson called on former San Francisco 49ers head coach and ordained minister Mike Singletary for spiritual guidance.

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6. Reggie Jackson has endured three fires to personal property, including a 1991 fire to his home in Oakland which destroyed his 1973 MVP Award.

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7. In 1979, Reggie Jackson was a guest star in an episode of the television sitcom Diff'rent Strokes.

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8. Reggie Jackson played 21 seasons and reached the post-season in 11 of them, winning six pennants and five World Series.

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9. Reggie Jackson announced he would retire after the season, at the age of 41.

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10. Reggie Jackson became a free-agent again once the 1981 season was over.

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11. Reggie Jackson had faced the Dodgers four straight times in the World Series by 1981.

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12. Reggie Jackson hit a long home run into the upper deck in Game Five of the strike-forced 1981 American League Division Series with the Brewers, and the Yankees went on to win the pennant again.

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13. Reggie Jackson started slowly with the bat, and when the 1981 Major League Baseball strike began, Steinbrenner invoked a clause in Jackson's contract forcing him to take a complete physical examination.

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14. Reggie Jackson was in the center of events in the World Series, again against the Dodgers.

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15. In 1976, while playing in Baltimore, Reggie Jackson had said, "If I played in New York, they'd name a candy bar after me.

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16. Reggie Jackson became the first player to win the World Series MVP award for two teams.

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17. Reggie Jackson failed to reach the ball which fell far in front of him, thereby allowing Rice to reach second base.

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18. Reggie Jackson wore number 20 for one game during spring training as a tribute to the recently retired Frank Robinson, then he switched to number 44.

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19. In February 1974, Reggie Jackson won an arbitration case for a $135,000 salary for the season, nearly doubling his previous year's $70,000.

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20. Reggie Jackson helped the Athletics win the pennant again in 1973, and was named Most Valuable Player of the American League for the season.

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21. Reggie Jackson hit a memorable home run in the 1971 All-Star Game at Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

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22. Reggie Jackson debuted in the major leagues with the A's in 1967 in a Friday doubleheader in Kansas City on June 9, a shutout sweep of the Cleveland Indians by scores of and at Municipal Stadium.

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23. Reggie Jackson credits the team's manager at the time, John McNamara, for helping him through that difficult season.

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24. Reggie Jackson began 1967 with the Birmingham A's in the Double-A Southern League in Birmingham, Alabama, where Jackson got his first taste of racism, being one of only a few blacks on the team.

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25. Reggie Jackson was the second overall pick, behind 17-year-old catcher Steve Chilcott, who was taken by the New York Mets.

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26. Reggie Jackson was the first college player to hit a home run out of Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

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27. Reggie Jackson broke numerous team records for the squad, and the Orioles offered him a $50,000 signing bonus if he joined the team.

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28. Reggie Jackson was allowed to practice with the team, but could not join the squad because the NCAA had a rule forbidding the use of freshman players.

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29. Reggie Jackson accepted a football scholarship from Arizona State University in Tempe; his high school football coach knew ASU's head football coach Frank Kush, and they discussed the possibility of his playing both sports.

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30. Reggie Jackson graduated from Cheltenham High School in 1964, where he excelled in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field.

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31. Reggie Jackson had two half-siblings from his father's first marriage.

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32. Reggie Jackson was the youngest of four children from his mother, Clara.

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33. Reggie Jackson was born in the Wyncote neighborhood of Cheltenham Township, just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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34. Reggie Jackson currently serves as a special advisor to the Yankees.

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35. Reggie Jackson led his teams to first place ten times over his 21 year career.

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36. Reggie Jackson helped the California Angels win two AL West divisional pennants in 1982 and 1986.

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37. Reggie Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993.

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