21 Facts About The Yankees

1. The Yankees have retired 21 numbers for 23 individuals, the most in Major League Baseball.

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2. The Yankees are hoping that close ties with countries such as China and Japan will give them personal, in depth judgments of baseball talent.

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3. The Yankees have become well known for a winning reputation on a global level.

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4. The Yankees were the league leaders in "road attendance" each year from 2001 through 2006.

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5. The Yankees have won a record 27 World Series in 40 appearances; the St Louis Cardinals are second with 11 World Series victories.

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6. The Yankees starting pitching was led by ace Luis Severino, who rebounded from his last season to lead the Yankees' pitching staff.

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7. The Yankees set a major league record by playing error-free ball for 18 consecutive games from May 14 to June 1, 2009.

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8. The Yankees were the first American League team to lose a World Series in which the home team won all seven games.

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9. The Yankees won 11 consecutive postseason series in this 4-year period.

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10. The Yankees had the unfortunate distinction of beginning and ending his career on years bookended by Yankee World Series appearances.

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11. The Yankees fired Howser and replaced him with Gene Michael.

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12. The Yankees won 103 games and the AL East by three games over the 100-win Baltimore Orioles, but were swept by the Royals in the 1980 ALCS.

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13. The Yankees had bad blood with manager Billy Martin, who had managed the Detroit Tigers when Jackson's Athletics defeated them in the 1972 playoffs.

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14. The Yankees reached the 1963 World Series, but were swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers and their ace pitcher Sandy Koufax.

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15. The Yankees lost the 1957 World Series to the Milwaukee Braves when Lew Burdette incredibly won three games for the Braves.

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16. The Yankees still managed to pull out a win against the St Louis Cardinals in the 1943 World Series.

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17. The Yankees declared July 4, 1939 to be "Lou Gehrig Day", on which they retired his number 4, the first retired number in baseball.

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18. The Yankees won a then-AL record 110 games with only 44 losses, and swept the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series.

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19. The Yankees have garnered enormous popularity and a dedicated fanbase, as well as widespread enmity from fans of other MLB teams.

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20. The Yankees have won more titles than any other franchise in the four major North American sports leagues.

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21. New York The Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the New York City borough of the Bronx.

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