18 Facts About New York Jets

1. New York Jets hit bye week just as season has started to slip away.

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2. New York Jets must do whatever it takes to land Le'Veon Bell.

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3. The New York Jets have 98 catches by wide receivers this season, which ranks.

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4. The New York Jets reportedly are not making a head-coaching change—not yet, anyway.

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5. New York Jets achieved a whole new level of humiliation against the Bills.

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6. The New York Jets are on a four-game losing streak and tied for last place in the AFC East.

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7. The New York Jets have said they expect their offseason to be big and they lead the Le'Veon Bell sweepstakes.

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8. The New York Jets are on their bye this upcoming weekend, but they've won just three times in their first 10 games.

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9. The New York Jets are struggling pretty badly this season.

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10. The New York Jets hit their lowest point of the 2018 season Sunday when they lost to the Buffalo Bills at home in blowout fashion.

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11. The New York Jets will start veteran backup Josh McNown at quarterback in place of Sam Darnold, who's out with a injured foot.

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12. The New York Jets might have to play the rest of the month without Sam Darnold.

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13. New York Jets established a Ring of Honor on July 20, 2010, to commemorate former players.

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14. New York Jets adopted their current uniform and logo design in 1998.

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15. New York Jets met the Giants in 1988 during the final game of the regular season.

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16. New York Jets previously maintained a high tension rivalry against their in-town counterparts, the New York Giants, that has since diminished due to the infrequency with which the teams meet in the regular season.

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17. The New York Jets went on to complete an improbable victory of their own on October 23, 2000 in what is known as The Monday Night Miracle.

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18. The New York Jets continued to spiral downward before enjoying a string of successes in the 1980s, which included an appearance in the 1982 AFC Championship Game, and the emergence of the popular New York Sack Exchange.

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