17 Facts About Cleveland Indians

1. The Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians have exchanged backup infielders, with Erik Gonzalez going to Pittsburgh along with a couple of minor league pitchers.

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2. The Cleveland Indians will open 2019 focused on making it back to the World Series, and some young players could step up and help the cause.

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3. The Cleveland Indians are willing to part with right-hander Corey Kluber.

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4. The Cleveland Indians announced they will unveil a new uniform option on their jerseys to replace Chief Wahoo.

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5. The Cleveland Indians are willing to listen to offers for pitchers Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco, but dealing for either ace is going to be pricey.

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6. The Cleveland Indians finished the season in 2nd place, 15 games behind the division champion Tigers.

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7. The Cleveland Indians sent their top two pitchers in the minors, Alex White and Drew Pomeranz along with Joe Gardner and Matt McBride.

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8. The Cleveland Indians improved significantly over the prior year and went into the All-Star break in second place.

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9. The Cleveland Indians had a solid offensive season, led by career years from Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore.

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10. In 1998, the Cleveland Indians made the postseason for the fourth straight year.

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11. The Cleveland Indians opened Jacobs Field in 1994 with the aim of improving on the prior season's sixth-place finish.

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12. The Cleveland Indians traded fireballer "Sudden Sam" McDowell for Perry, who became the first Indian pitcher to win the Cy Young Award.

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13. In 1965, the Cleveland Indians traded pitcher Tommy John, who would go on to win 288 games in his career, and 1966 Rookie of the Year Tommy Agee to the White Sox to get Colavito back.

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14. The Cleveland Indians received Steve Demeter in the deal, who would have only five at-bats for Cleveland.

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15. On September 23, 1949, Bill Veeck and the Cleveland Indians buried their 1948 pennant in center field the day after they were mathematically eliminated from the pennant race.

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16. The Cleveland Indians had briefly moved from League Park to Municipal Stadium in mid-1932, but moved back to League Park due to complaints about the cavernous environment.

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17. On September 14, 2017, the Cleveland Indians won their 22nd straight game, which extended the new American League record they set the previous game, while becoming the longest winning streak with no ties in Major League Baseball history.

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