35 Facts About Boston Red Sox

1. Boston Red Sox enjoyed immediate success with its superstar Cy Young, the premiere pitcher of his generation, and their talented third baseman and manager, Jimmy Collins.

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2. In that span, Boston Red Sox has won 11 in a row, with every win coming against a division opponent.

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3. The White Boston Red Sox are still plenty confident he can be their long-term catcher, and that's the track he's on in the minor leagues.

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4. Boston Red Sox already has agreed to deals with some of these players, most recently catcher Blake Swihart, who will earn $910,000 this season, USA TODAY's Bob Nightengale reported Friday morning.

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5. The Boston Red Sox have struck out in just 16.3 percent of plate appearances, the lowest rate of any team.

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6. Boston Red Sox now face a 1 pm Friday deadline to come to terms with nine other players before the sides head to arbitration hearings.

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7. Boston Red Sox added some new faces to their 2019 spring training roster Thursday.

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8. Boston Red Sox now have avoided arbitration with three of their pitchers.

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9. Boston Red Sox already announced 10 non-roster invitees who would be invited to camp with the big league club, and the defending World Series champions added 10 more names to the list.

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10. Boston Red Sox could lose All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel as a free agent, but virtually every key position player and starting pitcher is returning to the team in 2019.

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11. Boston Red Sox are an American baseball team from Boston, Massachusetts that play in Major League Baseball.

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12. Boston Red Sox signed Zach Putnam to a minor league contract last month.

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13. Boston Red Sox avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year, $1.75 million deal with Thornburg, implying they expect him to be a factor in their bullpen.

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14. Boston Red Sox was a powerhouse lineup up until their star DH retired at the end of the 2016 season.

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15. Boston Red Sox traded him to Pittsburgh shortly after the Martinez signing but the Pirates released him as spring training drew to a close.

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16. Boston Red Sox added him to the 40-man roster after a power-packed 2017 season with the PawSox that featured an International League-best 31 home runs.

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17. In 1920, Boston Red Sox began requiring a driving test before issuing someone a license.

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18. Boston Red Sox is a city full of history, most of which is pretty common knowledge you learned about in elementary school.

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19. Boston Red Sox were the best team in baseball this year.

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20. Boston Red Sox placed a bid of $51.1 million, and had 30 days to complete a deal.

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21. In Game 3, Manny Ramirez got Boston Red Sox started with a 1st-inning solo home run.

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22. The Boston Red Sox advanced to a rematch in the 2004 American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees.

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23. In 1949, the Boston Red Sox were one game ahead of the New York Yankees, with the only two games left for both teams being against each other, and they lost both of those games.

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24. Boston Red Sox are the most storied franchise in baseball, and Fenway Park is the country's most beloved ballpark.

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25. Boston Red Sox has worked with play-by-play veterans Bob Starr and Jerry Trupiano.

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26. Boston Red Sox placed a bid of $51.1 million to negotiate with Matsuzaka and completed a 6-year, $52 million contract after they were announced as the winning bid.

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27. Boston Red Sox was struck just above the left cheek bone by a fastball thrown by Jack Hamilton of the California Angels on Friday, August 18, 1967 and sat out the entire next season with headaches and blurred vision.

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28. Boston Red Sox was named the league's Most Valuable Player, just one vote shy of a unanimous selection as a Minnesota sportswriter placed Twins center fielder Cesar Tovar first on his ballot.

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29. In 1948, Boston Red Sox finished in a tie with Cleveland, and their loss to Cleveland in a one-game playoff ended hopes of an all-Boston World Series.

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30. Boston Red Sox is currently the last player to hit over.

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31. Boston Red Sox served two stints in the United States Marine Corps as a pilot and saw active duty in both World War II and the Korean War, missing at least five full seasons of baseball.

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32. In 1903, Boston Red Sox participated in the first modern World Series, going up against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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33. Boston Red Sox was a dominant team in the new league, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first World Series in 1903 and winning four more championships by 1918.

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34. Boston Red Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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35. Boston Red Soxsaid that "if Dent had been fired in Seattle or Milwaukee, this would have been just another event in an endless line of George's jettisons.

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