11 Facts About Seattle Mariners

1. The Seattle Mariners recently filled the vacant pitching coach position, hiring Paul Davis, who previously worked as the Cardinals' manager of pitching analytics.

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2. The Seattle Mariners announced today that they have inked a MLB pact or at least take up a place on the club's relief depth chart.

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3. The Seattle Mariners announced that they've selected the contract of Bishop, 25, certainly would've been a candidate to be selected.

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4. The Seattle Mariners have played in Safeco Field since the beginning of the 1999 season.

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5. The Seattle Mariners could be playing at T-Mobile Field next season.

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6. As the 2011 season progressed, the Seattle Mariners marketing staff came up with an idea to encourage the growing fanbase of star pitcher "King" Felix Hernandez.

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7. In 1994, the Seattle Mariners started a promotion called "Buhner Buzz Cut Night" Inspired by Jay Buhner's shaved head; any fan who was willing to have their head shaved before the game—or was already bald—would receive a free ticket to the game and a T-shirt with a slogan such as "Bald is Buhnerful" or "Take Me Out To The Bald Game".

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8. The Seattle Mariners became the first team in Major League Baseball to be involved in a perfect game two times in one season.

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9. On October 22, 2008 the Seattle Mariners announced the hiring of Jack Zduriencik, formerly scouting director of the Milwaukee Brewers, as their general manager.

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10. The name "Seattle Mariners" was chosen by club officials in August 1976 from over 600 names submitted by 15,000 entrants in a name-the-team contest.

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11. The Seattle Mariners are one of seven Major League Baseball teams who have never won a World Series championship, and one of two never to have played in a World Series.

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