43 Facts About Baltimore Orioles


Baltimore Orioles are an American professional baseball team based in Baltimore.

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The Baltimore Orioles compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League East division.

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Orioles adopted their team name in honor of the official state bird of Maryland; it had been used previously by several baseball clubs in the city, including another AL charter member franchise named the "Baltimore Orioles", which moved to New York in 1903 to eventually become the Yankees.

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Baltimore Orioles experienced their greatest success from 1966 to 1983, when they made six World Series appearances, winning three of them .

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The Baltimore Orioles have won a total of nine division championships, seven pennants, and three wild card berths .

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The nickname has a rich history in Baltimore Orioles, having been used by a National League club in the 1890s, an American League club, and an International League club from 1903 to 1953.

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New AL Baltimore Orioles took about six years to become competitive even after jettisoning most of the holdovers from St Louis.

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Baltimore Orioles had been serving as a silent partner over the past decade despite being the largest shareholder.

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The Baltimore Orioles returned to contention in those first two seasons at Camden Yards, only to finish in third place both times.

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The Baltimore Orioles, who spent all of 1994 chasing the New York Yankees, occupied second place in the new five-team AL East when the players strike, which began on August 11, forced the eventual cancellation of the season.

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The Baltimore Orioles, whose owner was a labor union lawyer, were the lone dissenters against creating an ersatz team, choosing instead to sit out spring training and possibly the entire season.

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Under new manager Davey Johnson and on the strength of a then-major league record 257 home runs in a single season, the Baltimore Orioles returned to the playoffs after a 12-year absence by clinching the AL wild card berth.

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Baltimore Orioles was later suspended for the first five games of the 1997 season, even though most wanted him banned from the postseason.

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Baltimore Orioles went "wire-to-wire" in winning the AL East title in 1997.

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The Baltimore Orioles added volatile slugger Albert Belle, but the team's woes continued in the 1999 season, with stars like Rafael Palmeiro, Roberto Alomar, and Eric Davis leaving in free agency.

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Baltimore Orioles named Syd Thrift the new GM and brought in former Cleveland manager Mike Hargrove.

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MacPhail spent the remainder of the 2007 season assessing the talent level of the Baltimore Orioles, and determined that significant steps needed to be made if the Baltimore Orioles were ever to be a contender again in the American League East.

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Baltimore Orioles completed two blockbuster trades during the next off-season, each sending a premium player away in return for five prospects .

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In particular, the Baltimore Orioles never managed to cobble together a successful pitching staff during this time.

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The Baltimore Orioles were seeking a more permanent solution at manager as the 2010 season continued to unfold, and two-time AL Manager of the Year Buck Showalter was eventually hired in July 2010.

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Baltimore Orioles made some aggressive moves to improve the team in 2011 in the hopes of securing their first playoff berth since 1997.

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The Baltimore Orioles finished 30th out of 30 MLB teams that year with a 4.

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Baltimore Orioles traded fan favorite Jeremy Guthrie to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for Jason Hammel.

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Baltimore Orioles brought in new free agent starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen from the Nippon Professional Baseball league, and Miguel Gonzalez was signed as a minor league free agent.

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Out of an abundance of caution, the Baltimore Orioles announced the postponement of the April 27 and 28 games in 2015 against the Chicago White Sox following violent riots in West Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray.

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Baltimore Orioles began their rebuild by trading away fan favorites Manny Machado, Zach Britton, Jonathan Schoop, Brad Brach, Kevin Gausman, and Darren O'Day in July 2018.

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Louis Angelos is seeking to have his brother and mother removed as co-trustees of the trust that controls the Baltimore Orioles and removed as co-agents of Peter Angelos' power of attorney.

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The Baltimore Orioles wear their black alternate jerseys for Friday night games with the alternate "O's" cap, whether at home or on the road; the regular batting helmet is still used with this uniform.

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In 2017, the Baltimore Orioles began to use their batting practice caps for select games with the black uniforms.

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Occasionally, the Baltimore Orioles would wear the black alternates on other days of the week, often pairing them with the home or road "cartoon bird" caps.

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Baltimore Orioles wore orange alternate uniforms at various points in their history.

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In 2012, the Baltimore Orioles brought back the orange uniforms as a second alternate uniform; the team currently wears them on Saturdays at home or on the road, though they've worn them on other days of the week either due to pitcher's preference or a previously postponed contest.

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In 2012, the Baltimore Orioles brought back a modernized version of the "cartoon bird" along with the white-paneled and orange-brimmed black cap for home games and the orange-brimmed black cap for road games.

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Baltimore Orioles severed their ties with Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic at the end of the 2006 season in favor of MASN, a joint venture with the Washington Nationals.

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Baltimore Orioles has an orange violin that spins for the fiddle solos.

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Baltimore Orioles went by the name Zillbilly and had done the skit from the 1999 season until shortly before he died in early 2013.

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Eight original American League teams, the Baltimore Orioles were the last of the eight to win the World Series, doing so in 1966 with its four–game sweep of the heavily favored Los Angeles Dodgers.

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The Baltimore Orioles won the first-ever American League Championship Series in 1969, and in 2012 the Baltimore Orioles beat the Texas Rangers in the inaugural American League Wild Card game, where for the first time two Wild Card teams faced each other during postseason play.

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Baltimore Orioles will retire a number only when a player has been inducted into the Hall of Fame with Cal Ripken Jr.

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However, the Baltimore Orioles have placed moratoriums on other former Baltimore Orioles' numbers following their deaths .

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Baltimore Orioles have an official team hall of fame, located on display on Eutaw Street at Camden Yards.

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Baltimore Orioles have a burgeoning regional rivalry with the nearby Washington Nationals nicknamed the Beltway Series or Battle of the Beltways.

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Baltimore Orioles do not claim St Louis Browns as part of their franchise history.

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