47 Facts About Jon Stewart

1. Jon Stewart is living as a wing man for his wife, Tracey, an author and animal advocate.

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2. Jon Stewart was a third-round draft pick of the Jets in 2017.

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3. Jon Stewart Feeling thankful about anything yet? Neither are we.

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4. Jon Stewart is the author of "The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution" and.

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5. Jon Stewart has been done with "The Daily Show" for years, but he's still one of the strongest media critics around.

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6. Jon Stewart is pretty sure 'Donald Trump has been president forever'.

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7. Jon Stewart is right: How long will the media play Trump's game?.

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8. Jon Stewart spends most of his time these days on his 12 bucolic acres in New Jersey, where he literally rescues city goats and gives them a more grass-forward existence.

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9. Jon Stewart calls for stricter gun control: 'It's harder to adopt a cat than get an AR-15'.

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10. Jon Stewart was named one of the 2005 Time 100, an annual list of 100 of the most influential people of the year by TIME magazine.

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11. Jon Stewart was the Class Day keynote speaker at Princeton University in 2004, and the 2008 Sacerdote Great Names speaker at Hamilton College.

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12. In 2004, Jon Stewart spoke at the commencement ceremonies at his alma mater, William and Mary, and received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree.

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13. In 2015 Jon Stewart started a vegetarian diet out of ethical reasons; his wife is a long-time vegan.

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14. In 2000, when he was labeled a Democrat, Jon Stewart generally agreed but described his political affiliation as "more socialist or independent" than Democratic.

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15. Jon Stewart proposed to her through a personalized crossword puzzle created with the help of Will Shortz, the crossword editor at The New York Times.

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16. Jon Stewart was an important factor in the unionization of the Comedy Central writers.

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17. Jon Stewart responded to this by criticizing Hannity for frequently calling Ted Nugent a "friend and frequent guest" on his program and supporting Nugent's violent rhetoric towards Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2007.

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18. Jon Stewart said Fox viewers are the "most consistently misinformed" viewers of political media.

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19. Jon Stewart responded that he didn't realize "the news organizations look to Comedy Central for their cues on integrity.

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20. Jon Stewart returned at SummerSlam on August 21, 2016 as a special guest.

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21. Jon Stewart gave another speech paying tribute to Springsteen in February 2013 as part of the singer's MusiCares Person of the Year award ceremony.

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22. Jon Stewart returned to host the 80th Academy Awards on February 24, 2008.

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23. In March 2010, Jon Stewart announced that he had optioned rights to the story of journalist Maziar Bahari, who was imprisoned in Iran for 118 days.

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24. In the mid-1990s, Jon Stewart launched his own production company, Busboy Productions, naming the company in reference to his previous job as a busboy.

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25. In 1998, Jon Stewart hosted the television special, Elmopalooza, celebrating 30 years of Sesame Street.

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26. Jon Stewart had a recurring role in The Larry Sanders Show, playing himself as an occasional substitute and possible successor to late-night talk show host Larry Sanders.

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27. In 2007, Jon Stewart made a cameo appearance as himself in Evan Almighty, which starred former Daily Show correspondent Steve Carell.

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28. Jon Stewart often makes fun of his appearances in the high-profile flop Death to Smoochy, in which he played a treacherous television executive; and the animated film Doogal, where he played a blue spring named Zeebad who shot a freeze ray from his mustache.

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29. Jon Stewart maintained a relationship with Miramax founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein and appeared in films they produced including Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Doogal and the documentary Wordplay.

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30. In 2007, Jon Stewart voiced Mort Sinclaire, former TV comedy writer and communist, on Stephen Colbert's audiobook version of I Am America.

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31. In 1998, Jon Stewart released his first book, Naked Pictures of Famous People, a collection of humorous short stories and essays.

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32. In July 2017, HBO announced Jon Stewart would produce a stand-up comedy special for the network, his first stand-up special since 1996.

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33. Jon Stewart responded on his show by pointing out that the meetings were listed in the president's publicly available visitor log and that he has been asked to meet privately by many prominent individuals including Roger Ailes of Fox News.

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34. On the show of January 10, 2011, Jon Stewart began with a monologue about the shootings in Tucson, Arizona.

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35. In 2008, Jon Stewart appeared on the news program Democracy Now! A 2008 New York Times story questioned whether he was, in a phrase originally used to describe longtime network news anchor Walter Cronkite, "the most trusted man in America".

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36. In an interview on The O'Reilly Factor, Jon Stewart denied the show has any intentional political agenda, saying the goal was "schnicks and giggles.

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37. In 1997, Jon Stewart was chosen as the host and interviewer for George Carlin's 10th HBO special, 40 Years of Comedy.

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38. In 1996 Jon Stewart hosted a short-lived talk show called Where's Elvis This Week? It was a half-hour, weekly comedy television program that aired on Sunday nights in the United Kingdom on BBC Two.

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39. Jon Stewart felt his career did not take off until a March 1993 appearance on NBC's Late Night with David Letterman.

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40. In 1992, Jon Stewart hosted the short-lived You Wrote It, You Watch It on MTV, which invited viewers to send in their stories to be acted out by the comedy troupe, The State.

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41. In 1989, Jon Stewart landed his first television job as a writer for Caroline's Comedy Hour.

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42. Jon Stewart became a regular at the Comedy Cellar, where he was the last performer every night.

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43. Jon Stewart agrees, saying that neither his show nor Comedy Central purport to be anything other than satire and comedy.

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44. Jon Stewart is known as an outspoken, humorous critic of personality-driven media shows, in particular those of the US media networks such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

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45. Jon Stewart has had several film roles as an actor but did few cinematic projects after becoming host of The Daily Show in 1999.

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46. Jon Stewart started as a stand-up comedian but branched into television as host of Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central.

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47. Jon Stewart is an American comedian, writer, producer, director, political commentator, actor, and television host.

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