5 Facts About Seth Rollins

1. At the time, Seth Rollins posted photos on Instagram while he was on vacation in Mexico, and in one of the photos, the back of his new girlfriend's head can be seen.

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2. In the 2016 WWE draft on July 19, Seth Rollins was drafted to Raw as the brand's first draft pick.

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3. On the December 21 episode of Raw, Seth Rollins made a special appearance to accept his Slammy Award for 2015 Superstar of the Year and during his acceptance speech, claimed he would redesign and rebuild himself, as well as winning back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which he never lost.

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4. In July 2011, Seth Rollins began a feud with Dean Ambrose.

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5. On January 13, 2011, Seth Rollins defeated Hunico in the finals to win the tournament and became the inaugural FCW 15 Champion.

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