22 Facts About Jinder Mahal

1. Jinder Mahal learned how to wrestle in Alberta at the Premier Martial Arts Wrestling School in Calgary.

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2. Jinder Mahal picked up a particular rivalry with Randy Orton over the years, fighting him several times.

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3. Jinder Mahal believed that his Punjabi gimmicks and promos made him stand out and he signed on to appear in the WWE championship.

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4. Jinder Mahal earned a business degree in communications and culture from the University of Calgary.

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5. Jinder Mahal has finally done what he threatened to do for a few years now.

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6. Jinder Mahal would try out for the WWE again, but the second time he tried out for Florida Championship Wrestling, the then-developmental brand of the WWE.

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7. Jinder Mahal is active on social media and has an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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8. Jinder Mahal was dragged into controversy when the ex-wrestler, Virgil tweeted against Jinder Mahal's win.

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9. Jinder Mahal started to perform in NXT Wrestling for several months.

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10. Jinder Mahal expanded upon this in an interview with Sportskeeda, saying that the secret to his diet and exercise routine is consistency.

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11. Jinder Mahal went on to successfully defend his title twice against Orton, first in a Money In the Bank match and second in a Punjabi Prison match which he won with a little help from The Great Khali.

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12. Jinder Mahal is a name to reckon with today in the annals of elite wrestling.

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13. Jinder Mahal was not the first person in his family to become a professional wrestler.

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14. Jinder Mahal was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1986 and is of Punjabi Sikh origin.

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15. Jinder Mahal is one of nine current SmackDown Live superstars who is from Canada.

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16. Jinder Mahal signed with the WWE in 2010, coming down to Florida to try out for the company and soon being given a contract.

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17. Jinder Mahal winning was a shocking turn of events, as the young wrestler has suddenly been catapulted from a minor WWE player who makes occasional appearances into someone who will main event a WWE pay-per-view.

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18. Jinder Mahal is the new number one contender for the WWE World Championship.

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19. Jinder Mahal took advantage and delivered The Khallas for the pinfall victory.

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20. Jinder Mahal mentioned that he stopped drinking alcohol and began working out and eating cleaner, losing 20 pounds in the process, two months prior to WWE calling him to return.

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21. Jinder Mahal participated in Qatar Pro Wrestling Souq Waqif Championship tournament in April 2015, where he ended up as first runner up.

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22. Jinder Mahal competed in the 30-man Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble on January 27, 2013 by entering at number 27, but was eliminated by Sheamus.

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