44 Facts About Heath Slater


Heath Slater is currently signed to Impact Wrestling, where he performs mononymously as Heath, and is active on the independent circuit.


Heath Slater debuted on WWE's main roster later that year as a member of The Nexus, becoming a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion with fellow Nexus member Justin Gabriel in the process.


Heath Slater is the first wrestler to have won both the SmackDown and Raw Tag Team Championships.


Heath Slater was released from WWE in April 2020, ending a 14-year tenure with the company.


Heath Slater would reunite with former tag team partner Rhino and win the Impact World Tag Team Championship in 2022.


Heath Slater Wallace Miller was born in Pineville, West Virginia, on July 15,1983.


Heath Slater was raised by his mother, stepfather, and grandparents.

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Heath Slater made his debut in 2004, wrestling for WWA4 and other Georgia-based wrestling promotions.


Heath Slater later returned from injury and defeated Justin Angel.


Heath Slater lost the FCW Heavyweight Championship to Justin Gabriel in a two out of three falls match at the September 24,2009, TV taping.


On February 16,2010, Miller, now using the ring name Heath Slater, was one of eight FCW wrestlers to compete on the first season of the new NXT show, with Christian as his storyline mentor.


Two weeks later, Heath Slater defeated Carlito, becoming the first NXT rookie to defeat a WWE pro.


Heath Slater eliminated both Chris Jericho and Edge but was eliminated from the match by Daniel Bryan, with Team Cena winning the match.


Gabriel and Heath Slater won when Barrett ordered Otunga to allow Heath Slater to pin him, winning the title.


Heath Slater was further humiliated in a comedic segment by Roddy Piper, Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper.


Heath Slater defeated Doink the Clown on the July 2,2012, edition of Raw, but following the match, Diamond Dallas Page came to the ring and performed the Diamond Cutter on Slater.


Shortly after Backlund entered, Heath Slater hit him with a cheap shot.


Backlund then applied the crossface chickenwing submission hold and kept it locked in long after Heath Slater had tapped out.


Heath Slater attempted to leave; however, he was forced back to the ring by all of the legends who had humiliated Heath Slater in the preceding weeks on Raw.


Lita performed a twist of fate on Heath Slater, followed by a clothesline from hell by Bradshaw.


Heath Slater competed in the Royal Rumble coming from number 10, but was eliminated by John Cena.


Shortly after that match, Heath Slater took time off from WWE to deal with personal issues.


Heath Slater returned on the January 6,2014, edition of Raw, which saw 3MB defeated by Rikishi and Too Cool.


However, he was quickly defeated by Rusev, who applied the Accolade on Heath Slater to get the win.


At Battleground, Heath Slater competed in a battle royal for the vacant Intercontinental Championship; Heath Slater managed to eliminate Cesaro but was then quickly eliminated by Sheamus.

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Heath Slater then began to regularly team up with Titus O'Neil.


Heath Slater's brief winning streak was ended when Heath Slater Gator were defeated by Los Matadores on the August 25,2014, edition of Raw.


Later at Survivor Series, Heath Slater remained and Titus O'Neil lost to Adam Rose and The Bunny.


In December 2014, a warrant for Heath Slater's arrest was issued, rendering him inactive until all legal issues are resolved.


Heath Slater returned to action in a dark match against Luke Harper on February 3,2015.


At WrestleMania 31, Heath Slater competed in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which was won by Big Show.


Heath Slater returned to the scenes on the April 20,2015, edition of Raw when he was at catering, only to receive an RKO through the table by Randy Orton.


Heath Slater would appear mostly on Superstars and Main Event losing to the likes of Fandango, Neville, R-Truth, and Zack Ryder.


Heath Slater started appearing on Raw, trying to answer John Cena's United States Championship Open Challenge, but was denied each week.


Heath Slater went on to defeat Dolph Ziggler after interference from his stablemates.


Heath Slater is very clearly a valuable role-player, and it seems the crowd has a lot of respect for his work.


Heath Slater eventually signed with SmackDown and found an unlikely ally in Rhyno, with the two emerging victorious in the finals of a tag team tournament at Backlash, defeating The Usos and becoming the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions.


Heath Slater entered the 2018 Royal Rumble as the fifth entrant, but was attacked by Baron Corbin before he could enter the ring.


The eleventh entrant, Sheamus, inserted him to the ring and Heath Slater immediately eliminated him in a huge upset, but was eliminated seconds later by Bray Wyatt.


At WrestleMania 34, Heath Slater entered the fifth annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but did not win.


Heath Slater participated in the 50-man Royal Rumble match at the Greatest Royal Rumble, where he entered at number 36.


Heath Slater won, but Corbin immediately repositioned him as a referee instead of a competitor.


At WrestleMania 35, Heath Slater competed in the sixth annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but failed to win.


Miller, as Heath Slater, is a playable character in the video games WWE '12, WWE '13, WWE 2K14, WWE 2K16, WWE 2K17, WWE 2K18, WWE 2K19, and WWE 2K20.