44 Facts About Buff Bagwell


Buff Bagwell is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling from 1991 to 2001, where he was a five-time World Tag Team Champion.


Buff Bagwell trained under Steve Lawler and debuted in 1990, working for North Georgia Wrestling as Fabulous Fabian.


In 1991, Buff Bagwell was hired by World Championship Wrestling, where he wrestled under his full name.


Buff Bagwell made his pay-per-view debut at Starrcade, where he was paired with Jimmy Garvin against Michael Hayes and Tracy Smothers in a Lethal Lottery match, which he and Garvin won after Buff Bagwell hit Smothers with the fisherman suplex to qualify for the Battlebowl battle royal later in the night, which Sting won.


Buff Bagwell received his first title shot on the January 11,1992 episode of World Championship Wrestling against Steve Austin for the World Television Championship, but failed to win the title as the match ended in a ten-minute time limit draw.


Buff Bagwell participated in a tournament for the vacant World Television Championship on the February 20,1993 episode of Worldwide, where he lost to Maxx Payne in the first round.


Buff Bagwell resumed teaming with Scorpio and the team gained success unlike Buff Bagwell's previous teams as they defeated various teams including Bobby Eaton and Chris Benoit at Slamboree, Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce at Beach Blast and The Equalizer and Paul Orndorff at Fall Brawl.


Buff Bagwell participated in the first-ever World War 3 battle royal at the namesake event for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship, which was won by Randy Savage.


On November 25,1996, Buff Bagwell joined the New World Order after turning on his partner Scotty Riggs.


Buff Bagwell soon renamed himself to Buff Bagwell and formed a tag team with Scott Norton called Vicious and Delicious.


Just before that Rick attempted his diving bulldog finishing move, which was not executed correctly and resulted in Buff Bagwell's head striking Steiner's back, jamming his neck and severely injuring him.


Buff Bagwell was diagnosed with several damaged vertebrae and developed spinal shock, leading him to use a wheelchair and neck brace for a couple months.


Buff Bagwell returned months later for an interview only to be viciously ridiculed by Hollywood Hogan and shoved to the entryway floor.


Buff Bagwell seemed to have a new attitude and even called out Rick Steiner to offer him his forgiveness.


However, Buff Bagwell restrained Rick while fellow nWo member Scott Steiner assaulted him with a steel chair, reaffirming his loyalty to Hogan and the nWo.


Buff Bagwell then rose from his wheelchair and helped Scott beat down Rick.


In June 1999, Buff Bagwell engaged in a rivalry with WCW President Ric Flair and Vice President Roddy Piper after claiming he was being held back.


The next night on Nitro, Buff Bagwell lost to Berlyn after the interference of his bodyguard, The Wall.


Buff Bagwell then feuded with Diamond Dallas Page after he made allegations about Page's wife Kimberly.


Six days later, Buff Bagwell was charged with battery by the Sangamon County, Illinois State's Attorney's office.


Buff Bagwell then began a feud with Chris Kanyon, who began stalking him and harassing Buff Bagwell's mother Judy as a psychological tactic.


Buff Bagwell eventually defeated Kanyon in a match where Judy was suspended from a forklift.


Buff Bagwell rescued his mother despite the surprise interference of actor David Arquette.


Flair quickly accused the womanizing Buff Bagwell, which led to a First Blood match at Halloween Havoc, with Flair hoping to obtain a sample of Buff Bagwell's blood to prove he was the father of Hancock's child.


Buff Bagwell was then revealed as not being the father, and the entire pregnancy was eventually found to have been a fabrication.


Buff Bagwell's efforts were unsuccessful, but he managed to hit Goldberg with a steel chair after he had pinned Luger.


Totally Buff would go on to defeat Goldberg at Sin after a fan maced Goldberg, allowing Bagwell to pin him.


In early 2001, Totally Buff Bagwell joined Ric Flair's Magnificent Seven stable, and remained with them until WCW's closure.


Shortly after WCW was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation in March 2001, Buff Bagwell was one of the first AOL Time Warner contracted wrestlers to accept the offered buy-out on his contract and sign with the WWF.


On July 1,2001, Buff Bagwell faced Booker T at a house show and he made his WWF televised debut on the July 2 episode of Raw is War, facing Booker T for the WCW Championship.


Sports journalist Michael Landsberg reported that many have called the bout "the worst match ever", and remarked that Buff Bagwell is "not a great wrestler".


In October 2001, Buff Bagwell joined the upstart World Wrestling All-Stars promotion for its tour of Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


At its inaugural pay-per-view, The Inception, Buff Bagwell competed in a tournament to crown the first WWA World Heavyweight Champion.


Buff Bagwell won a battle royal to progress past the first round, but lost to Jeff Jarrett in the semi-finals.


Buff Bagwell returned to Australia for a second tour with WWA in April 2002, then made a third tour, this one in Dublin and the United Kingdom, in November and December 2002.


At a 2008 live event in Florida, Buff Bagwell expressed that he would have liked to work a deal with TNA because it reminded him of his days in WCW.


Buff Bagwell continued with the WWA into 2002, where in April, he took part in the Eruption pay-per-view.


On May 24,2014, Buff Bagwell competed in the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament held by Absolute Intense Wrestling, where he won his first round match against Jock Samson before losing to Ethan Page in the quarterfinals.


Buff Bagwell traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand in November 2017 to wrestle for Ultimate Championship Wrestling's show Sole Survivor in a tag team match.


Buff Bagwell teamed with Haydn Daniels defeating the Southern Wrecking Crew.


In September 2018, under the management of Colton Menzel and Zach Salaam, Buff Bagwell competed unsuccessfully in a UCW Heavyweight Title match against former WWE star Rob Conway at UCW's "A Tribute fit for a King" event.


Buff Bagwell was taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital in his hometown of Marietta, Georgia, where he was placed in the hospital's intensive care unit after suffering broken bones in his neck, face and jaw.


Buff Bagwell's crash resulted in multiple injuries, including broken ribs, a broken right hip, a broken left socket bone, a broken nose, and a torn right groin muscle.


On May 22,2021, Buff Bagwell was arrested in Cobb County, Georgia for a total of 5 charges.