37 Facts About Roddy Piper

1. Roddy Piper was cremated, and his ashes were scattered over his home at Gaston, Oregon.

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2. Roddy Piper was a great wrestler, a masterful entertainer and a good friend.

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3. On July 31, 2015, Roddy Piper died in his sleep at the age of 61 at his home in Hollywood, California.

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4. Roddy Piper was in Saints Row 4, as an ally for the Player.

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5. Roddy Piper provided the voice of Bolphunga in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and the voice of Don John in the Adventure Time episode The Red Throne.

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6. In 2006, Roddy Piper ventured into the realm of voice acting, providing the voice of himself in "Metal Militia"—an episode of Cartoon Network's animated series Robot Chicken—and the voice of The Pyro Messiah in the Night Traveler multimedia adventure series produced by Lunar Moth Entertainment.

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7. Roddy Piper played himself as the protagonist in the 2013 film Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.

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8. In June 2013, Roddy Piper appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap, where he swapped wives with Ric Flair.

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9. In 2012, Roddy Piper appeared on a Season 4 episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories, in which he conveyed a story of being visited by the ghost of Adrian Adonis.

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10. Roddy Piper appeared as Mr Thurgood in the low-budget film The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens in 2008 and its sequel Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes in 2010.

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11. Roddy Piper appeared in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as professional wrestler named "Da' Maniac" during season 5 and reprised this role in season 9.

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12. Roddy Piper appeared in an episode of The Outer Limits series.

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13. Roddy Piper appeared as a wrestler loosely based on himself in an episode called "Crusader" from Walker, Texas Ranger.

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14. Roddy Piper was a guest on a 1985 Saturday Night Live episode, tormenting hosts Hulk Hogan and Mr T, and appeared as a special guest on MADtv along with Bret Hart.

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15. The most famous of Roddy Piper's acting exploits was in the 1988 science fiction film They Live, directed by John Carpenter, which spawned the catchphrase Piper came up with—"I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass.

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16. On January 29, 2011, Roddy Piper made his debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla during the WrestleReunion 5 weekend, defeating nineteen other men, last eliminating Terry Funk, to win the Legends Battle Royal.

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17. In early July 2015, Ric Flair said Roddy Piper lost his WWE Legends contract with the company because of a public feud with Steve Austin, which resulted in Piper leaving PodcastOne.

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18. In 2008, Roddy Piper made a surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble match by attacking Jimmy Snuka, but was eliminated by Kane.

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19. Roddy Piper appeared on the Raw Family Reunion, along with Money Inc and Arn Anderson to accompany Ric Flair ringside for a match against Mitch of the Spirit Squad.

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20. In October and November 2005, Roddy Piper feuded with Cowboy Bob Orton and Randy Orton, after they attacked him during a session of Piper's Pit with Mick Foley.

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21. On February 21, 2005, it was announced that Roddy Piper was to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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22. At the 1998 Spring Stampede pay-per-view, Roddy Piper teamed with The Giant in a loss to Hogan and Nash in a Baseball Bat on a Pole match.

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23. Roddy Piper joined World Championship Wrestling in the fall of 1996.

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24. Roddy Piper wrestled twice more against the Kid on house shows that month.

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25. In spring 1994, Roddy Piper began hosting a regular weekly segment on All-American Wrestling called "The Bottom Line" where he commented on various happenings in the WWF, as well as on his feud with Lawler.

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26. Roddy Piper wrestled as a fan favorite, and adding to the face attitude by donating part of his purse from the fight with Lawler to a children's hospital in Ontario.

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27. Roddy Piper made his return playing the bagpipes at SummerSlam.

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28. Roddy Piper spent weeks crashing Adonis' show and trading insults, leading to a "showdown" between the two segments that ended with Piper being assaulted and humiliated by Adonis, Orton, and Don Muraco, resulting in Piper's face turn.

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29. Roddy Piper insulted Bruno Sammartino during a Roddy Piper's Pit segment, which led to a feud that ended in a steel cage match which Piper lost.

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30. Roddy Piper was given his own interview segment called Piper's Pit on Championship Wrestling and Wrestling at the Chase in 1984, starting a run of the segment that ended in 1987.

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31. Roddy Piper debuted in the WWF as a manager because of injuries he suffered during a dog-collar match at Starrcade; he managed "Dr D" David Schultz and "Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, eventually Piper's run as a manager quietly ended and Piper started wrestling full-time.

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32. Roddy Piper went to Puerto Rico for a month and was booked by Jim Barnett shortly thereafter.

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33. Roddy Piper started wrestling under the care of promoter Al Tomko in Canada, his first match involving 'midget wrestlers' in front of a lumberjack audience in Churchill, Manitoba.

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34. Roddy Piper was awarded a Black Belt in Judo from Gene LeBell, American Judo champion, instructor, stuntman, and professional wrestler.

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35. Roddy Piper picked up odd jobs at local gyms, running errands for several professional wrestlers.

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36. Outside of wrestling, Roddy Piper acted in dozens of films and TV shows, including the lead role of John Nada in the 1988 cult classic They Live and a recurring role as deranged professional wrestler, Da' Maniac, on the FX comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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37. Roddy Piper earned the nicknames "Rowdy" and "Hot Rod" by displaying his trademark "Scottish" rage, spontaneity, and quick wit.

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