28 Facts About Arn Anderson


Martin Anthony Lunde was born on September 20,1958, and better known by the ring name Arn Anderson, is an American professional wrestling road agent, author, and retired professional wrestler.

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Arn Anderson's career has been highlighted by his alliances with Ric Flair and various members of the wrestling stable The Four Horsemen in the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling .

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On March 31,2012, Arn Anderson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Four Horsemen.

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Arn Anderson saw success as a singles wrestler on January 4,1986, by winning the vacant NWA Television Championship.

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Arn Anderson had a tremendous ability to do interviews to further the storylines he participated in.

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Arn Anderson continued his reign as NWA Television Champion for most of the year, holding the championship for just over 9 months before losing it to Dusty Rhodes on September 9,1986.

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Arn Anderson helped to reform the Horsemen and he quickly found success in the company, winning the NWA World Television Championship on January 2,1990.

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Arn Anderson remained the champion almost the entire year before dropping it to Tom Zenk.

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Zenk's reign would be short lived as Arn Anderson regained the title, having been renamed the WCW World Television Championship on January 14,1991.

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Arn Anderson quickly rebounded from his split with Zbyszko and formed a tag team with Beautiful Bobby Eaton, a long-time friend and best known for his time as one half of the Midnight Express.

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In May 1993, Arn Anderson joined Ole Arn Anderson and Ric Flair to re-form the Four Horsemen.

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In May 1994, Arn Anderson wrestled at the Eastern Championship Wrestling event When Worlds Collide as part of a talent exchange between WCW and ECW.

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At the event, Arn Anderson teamed with Terry Funk in an unsuccessful challenge to Sabu and Bobby Eaton.

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Arn Anderson remained a regular, on-screen performer in WCW over the next few years.

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Arn Anderson helped restore the prestige of the title, which he held for just over six months before dropping it to The Renegade.

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Arn Anderson remained Flair's right-hand man during this time as he attempted to keep Flair's delusional hunger for power at bay.

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In 2000, Arn Anderson was a member of the short-lived Old Age Outlaws.

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Not long after the closing of WCW, Arn Anderson became a road agent for WWF, renamed World Wrestling Entertainment in May 2002.

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Arn Anderson was assaulted on Raw by The Undertaker leading up the Undertaker vs then-babyface, Ric Flair match at WrestleMania X8.

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Arn Anderson made a special appearance at the October 2006 Raw Family Reunion special, in which he was in Ric Flair's corner for his match against Mitch of the Spirit Squad.

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At Starcast II, Arn Anderson spoke briefly about his release saying he didn't want to be somewhere he was not wanted and the hours had become too much for him.

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On December 30,2019, AEW announced that Arn Anderson has signed a contract with the company as Cody's personal advisor and head coach.

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On June 3,2020, Arn Anderson announced that he had signed a new multi-year contract with AEW.

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The promo, which received approval in advance from both Tony Khan and TNT, received universal critical praise from fans and other wrestlers, as the quote got Arn Anderson trending on Twitter; AEW promptly released a T-shirt featuring the quote due to the reaction.

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Anderson stated on an episode of his podcast The Arn Show that the only reason he had stayed in the business for so long was to make sure Brock was able to get his start in it.

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Eudy received four stab wounds and Arn Anderson received 20, losing a pint and a half of blood in the process.

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Surgery occurred in Atlanta in late 1996 and was successful in repairing most of the damage, but Arn Anderson still has some muscle weakness, loss of fine motor control, and loss of muscle mass in his left arm.

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Arn Anderson has appeared in the video games WWE Legends of WrestleMania, WWE '12, WWE 2K16, and WWE 2K17 as a member of The Enforcers with Larry Zbyszko.

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