81 Facts About Triple H

1. In 2002, Triple H won the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring in 1997.

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2. Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon, although he began dating Joanie "Chyna" Laurer for a brief time.

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3. In 2013, Triple H earned a combined salary of over $1.5 million.

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4. Triple H is 4th on the list of the longest time spent in a single Royal Rumble, spending 1:00:09 at the 2006 Royal Rumble.

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5. Triple H stands at the top of the list with the longest cumulative time spend in Royal Rumble, spending 3:51:32.

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6. Triple H competed with Shawn Michaels in 2004 at Bad Blood.

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7. Triple H publicly buried Goldberg for the first time when talking to wrestlers training on the original version of WWE Tough Enough.

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8. Triple H had a very forgettable run in WCW as Jean-Paul Levesque but he managed to show flashes of potential in the few opportunities he was given.

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9. Triple H is arguably the most polarizing figure in wrestling history.

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10. Triple H faced many obstacles prior to winning his first title.

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11. Triple H lost the match before it could ever get started.

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12. At the age of 14, Triple H accepted a one-week free membership to a local gym.

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13. Triple H revealed where else a WWE Performance Center could pop up in the near future.

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14. Triple H dismissed Flair and told Lynch to go home and undergo a medical evaluation and her suspension can be lifted.

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15. Triple H attended Lemmy's funeral on January 9, 2016, and spoke about the gift of sound that Lemmy and Motorhead gave to him and the friendship they had over the years.

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16. Triple H owns just over $1.5 million in WWE stock.

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17. Triple H is routinely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

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18. Triple H was seen hitting the video screen as he exited the stage.

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19. Triple H called Rollins out to come and meet his destroyer, which he does so, only for him to be jumped by Samoa Joe.

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20. Triple H was replaced as general manager of Raw by Laurinaitis, who booked him in a tag team match against Miz and R-Truth at Vengeance.

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21. Triple H announced he would referee a match to unify both WWE Championships at SummerSlam.

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22. Triple H teamed with fellow Evolution member Flair to defeat Chris Masters and Carlito.

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23. Triple H lost the title after 280 days in September 2003 at Unforgiven to Goldberg, in a match with the stipulation that had Goldberg lost, he would have to retire.

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24. Triple H comes out every week on WWE television claiming he is the COO of the WWE when in fact his is not.

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25. Triple H is known for creating multiple stables in WWE.

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26. Triple H is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history.

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27. Triple H was trained by Killer Kowalski and made his pro debut in 1992.

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28. At the age of 14, Triple H got involved in bodybuilding.

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29. Triple H has celebrated the total number of 49 birthdays till date.

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30. Triple H has shown a better performance than Undertaker, even though he joined the field 8 years after him.

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31. Triple H would end up getting to have children, as he and Stephanie McMahon have three kids.

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32. Triple H had been dating Chyna in real life for several years, and that relationship continued as they began working together on television.

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33. Triple H debuted in WWE in April of 1995 on The Wrestling Challenge as the blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley, not terribly far removed from the aristocratic character he had been portraying in WCW the year prior.

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34. Triple H has had a ton of success in professional wrestling, but all of that will be tossed to the side on the Road to WrestleMania 29 as he prepares for his epic rematch against Brock Lesnar.

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35. Triple H has done just about everything during his career.

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36. Triple H has been in the business for less time than Taker, but has put on four more exceptional matches.

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37. Triple H has 25 matches that were rated at least a four, including four matches that scored a 4.75 on Meltzer's scale.

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38. Triple H would outwit his wife and ended up winning $48,500 for his charity.

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39. Triple H would never win that tournament all because of one hug.

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40. Triple H had three matches, one of 11 minutes, one over six minutes and ended with a 20-plus minute Last Man Standing match.

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41. Triple H challenged and defeated Randy Orton for the Championship in the first match of the night.

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42. Triple H entered a number of competitions and was crowned 'Teenage Mr New Hampshire in 1988.

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43. Triple H provided an update on his status while speaking with the media when he stated that Fish was fine.

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44. Triple H took part in a post-show interview after the TakeOver show where he was asked about the new Johnny Gargano.

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45. Triple H pictured for first time with supportive frame after surgery for torn pectoral at NXT Takeover—and he's even wearing a suit.

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46. Triple H said if he were to look at everyone right now, Ciampa would be the one running on a different level.

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47. Triple H said Ciampa is not planning on letting go of the title any time soon and Gargano isn't the only reason Black doesn't have the title, it's because of Ciampa.

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48. Triple H said Gargano had a much darker side and it will be something different when we really see it.

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49. Triple H said Black should now put the attack storyline behind him and focus on what he lost, the NXT Title.

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50. Triple H said that's really exciting and he guarantees the rivalry is not over.

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51. Triple H pictured for first time with supportive frame for torn pectoral at NXT Takeover… as he dons suit and tie after surgery.

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52. Triple H was asked about the Wargames this year vs last year.

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53. Triple H met with reporters on a conference call after tonight's awesome Takeover show.

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54. Triple H is currently recovering from a torn pectoral muscle.

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55. Triple H says the main roster needs to step up their game for Survivor Series because NXT is bitting at their heels and knows the main roster can bring it to the table like only the WWE can.

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56. Triple H puts over all the competitors in the War Games match for a fantastic performance.

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57. Triple H goes on to discuss Ciampa, saying he is likely not going to be losing the NXT Championship anytime soon.

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58. Triple H has been critized for his last years as wrestler.

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59. Triple H added that the tagline of this contest would be "Last Time Ever".

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60. On January 30, Triple H made his first appearance on Raw since August 2016, supposedly to finally accept Rollins' challenge for a match.

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61. Triple H returned at the 2016 Royal Rumble match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as the unannounced 30th entrant.

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62. Triple H came out and attempted to congratulate Reigns, but was instead hit with a spear.

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63. Over the summer, Triple H began to test Rollins by having him defend the championship against Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Sting.

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64. Triple H would then resort to "Plan B", which would be Seth Rollins turning on The Shield and rejoining The Authority.

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65. In response, Triple H stormed out the arena and vowed to return to the ring the next week on Raw.

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66. Triple H returned on the February 25, 2013 episode of Raw, brawling with Brock Lesnar after he attempted to attack Mr McMahon.

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67. On the December 17 episode of Raw, Triple H made a non-wrestling appearance for the 2012 Slammy Awards debuting with his new haircut.

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68. Triple H returned on the January 30, 2012 episode of Raw to evaluate Laurinaitis' performance as general manager.

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69. Triple H made an untelevised appearance on October 30 at the WWE Fan Appreciation Event and at the 2010 Tribute to the Troops.

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70. Triple H agreed to it only if the charges were dropped, which Hornswoggle agreed to.

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71. On the June 23 episode of Raw, Triple H was drafted to the SmackDown brand as a part of the 2008 WWE draft, in the process making the WWE Championship exclusive to SmackDown.

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72. Triple H won the match, winning his eleventh world championship and sixth WWE Championship, and then defended his title against Umaga in his regularly scheduled match after Mr McMahon declared the match to be for the WWE title.

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73. At the event, Triple H lost the championship to Batista, and subsequently lost two rematches at Backlash and Vengeance in a Hell in a Cell match.

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74. Triple H lost the championship to Chris Benoit at WrestleMania XX in a triple threat match involving Michaels.

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75. Triple H held the World Heavyweight Championship for most of 2003, successfully defending against Booker T at WrestleMania XIX in an angle with racist undertones.

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76. Triple H eventually lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Shawn Michaels in the first Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series.

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77. Triple H went on to defeat Kane at No Mercy, unifying the two titles.

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78. In the weeks preceding the match, Triple H claimed that, several years earlier, Kane had an unrequited relationship with a woman named Katie Vick.

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79. Triple H returned to Raw as a face on January 7, 2002 at Madison Square Garden.

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80. While in the storyline Triple H said he had done it in order to shield Austin from the WWF Championship and end his career, in reality Austin's previous neck injuries started bothering him again, forcing him to have surgery.

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81. Triple H pinned The Rock at WrestleMania 2000 to retain the title, but lost it at Backlash to The Rock, thus ending his reign at 118 days.

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