101 Facts About Ronda Rousey

1. Ronda Rousey rocked the White Ranger gear during her Royal Rumble match against Sasha Banks last weekend, which featured black, white, and gold gear complete with a Rousey-custom Morpher on her waistband.

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2. Ronda Rousey exits the ring and her music hits as Becky smiles.

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3. Ronda Rousey says they are the same age and while Becky was training, Rousey was dominating a sport that didn't even want women in the main event.

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4. Ronda Rousey goes on about how she's been a household name for a decade.

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5. Ronda Rousey says everyone knows she can re-break Becky's face faster than she can say Nia Jax.

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6. Ronda Rousey asks how the leg is doing because she wants the best version of Becky.

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7. Ronda Rousey moves to the bottom rope as Bayley tightens the hold.

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8. Ronda Rousey focuses on the arm now, tossing Bayley to the mat again.

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9. Ronda Rousey tries for a submission but Bayley turns it around.

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10. Ronda Rousey goes down to the floor but comes back to the apron.

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11. Ronda Rousey tries to tie Bayley's arm up on the top rope.

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12. Ronda Rousey goes to speak again but she's a bit flustered it looks like.

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13. Ronda Rousey points at the WrestleMania 35 sign and says she knows Becky is watching and has a choice to make.

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14. Ronda Rousey asks if everyone wants to talk about what's next.

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15. Ronda Rousey thanks Banks and gets tripped up on her words, saying fans got her to stutter, good job.

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16. Ronda Rousey says Sasha Banks gave her the fight of her life last night.

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17. Ronda Rousey debuted in professional mixed martial arts in March of 2011, defeating Ediane Gomes in 25 seconds.

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18. Ronda Rousey submitted her opponent, Hayden Munoz, with an armbar in 23 seconds.

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19. Ronda Rousey is a gamer, and her favorite games, at different times, have included Dragon Ball Z, Just Dance, Mario Kart and World of Warcraft.

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20. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Ronda Rousey became the first America woman to medal in judo.

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21. Ronda Rousey was born in Riverside, California, in February of 1987, the third daughter of AnnMarie De Mars and Ron Rousey.

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22. Ronda Rousey was the first US woman to earn an Olympic medal in judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

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23. Ronda Rousey was announced as playing Sonya in the big reveal event earlier this month.

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24. Dana White admitted recently that Ronda Rousey was the biggest star UFC's ever had.

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25. In 2012, Ronda Rousey became the first female fighter to sign with UFC and was awarded the inaugural women's bantamweight championship.

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26. Ronda Rousey played herself in the 2015 summer flick Entourage.

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27. Ronda Rousey will beat you up in the ring or in the video game world of Pokemon.

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28. Ronda Rousey holds the UFC record for fastest submission in championship history.

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29. Ronda Rousey criticized fellow Olympian Michael Phelps for not hanging out with other American athletes at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

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30. Ronda Rousey is the most dominant athlete on the planet according to Sports Illustrated.

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31. Ronda Rousey touched on Piper giving her permission to use his name in the octagon during her post-fight interview at UFC 190, which was shortly after his passing.

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32. Ronda Rousey took it a step further, and at one point was a moderator for a Pokemon forum.

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33. Ronda Rousey is a nerd at heart, and one of her nerdiest obsessions is Pokemon.

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34. Ronda Rousey posted a picture of a pamphlet from that interaction to her Facebook page.

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35. Ronda Rousey was a bit lost after the 2008 Olympics, as she tried to sort out what she would do with her life and her Judo skills.

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36. Ronda Rousey is a fan of Jon Jones as well, and once said her dream fight would be against him.

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37. Ronda Rousey can apparently eat a lot of wings, and we mean a lot.

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38. Ronda Rousey was clearly honored to have Beyonce use the clip.

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39. Ronda Rousey was seen playing World of Warcraft ahead of UFC 184 during the Embedded series.

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40. Ronda Rousey leads a very healthy lifestyle, but she indulges from time to time.

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41. Ronda Rousey has parlayed her success in the UFC and MMA into a career in Hollywood and the movies.

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42. Ronda Rousey has broken barriers for women, like being the first female in the UFC.

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43. Ronda Rousey is known as a dominant athlete, but she is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

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44. In 2004, Ronda Rousey qualified for the Olympics at just 17-years-old, making her the youngest Judoka at the games.

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45. Ronda Rousey will fight Miesha Tate in Decmeber in a title bout.

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46. Ronda Rousey has some hidden talents, like her ability to draw.

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47. Ronda Rousey joined the mixed martial arts circuit in 2010, earning fame as the UFC Bantamweight Champion, before suffering her first loss in November 2015.

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48. Ronda Rousey delivers the line with feeling, because that's how her new world works.

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49. Ronda Rousey has, in a way, become the women's divison's version of Brock Lesnar.

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50. Ronda Rousey needs to shed the Rowdy Piper tribute attire, all the smiling and the nervousness when addressing the crowd.

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51. Ronda Rousey looked discombobulated and completely out of sync with Bayley.

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52. Ronda Rousey has had some bad promos in the year since she made her WWE debut, but this one was perhaps the worst.

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53. Ronda Rousey was supposed to be out to the ring to deliver a speech of some sort ahead of her Raw Women's Championship open-challenge match.

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54. Ronda Rousey is the most prominent mainstream star employed by WWE and is destined to be the first woman to main-event a WrestleMania.

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55. Ronda Rousey wrote, "I slapped him across the face so hard my hand hurt.

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56. Ronda Rousey co-starred in The Expendables 3, marking her first role in a major motion picture.

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57. Ronda Rousey left, paused and walked over to Rousey to a loud ovation.

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58. Ronda Rousey originally opposed using the nickname her friends gave her, "Rowdy", feeling it would be disrespectful to professional wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

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59. Ronda Rousey defended her Strikeforce title against Sarah Kaufman at Strikeforce: Rousey vs Kaufman on August 18, 2012, in San Diego, California.

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60. Ronda Rousey is getting a Funko Pop Vinyl figure, but she actually already has one for the UFC.

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61. Ronda Rousey fired the first one on Twitter to which Becky Lynch quickly replied with a verbal power slam.

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62. Ronda Rousey called out by Becky Lynch in heated exchange about Holly Holm loss.

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63. Ronda Rousey gave her thoughts on facing Charlotte Flair on Sunday and her mindset after seeing Becky Lynch get injured, among others.

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64. Ronda Rousey fired the opening salvo this morning, mocking The Man for having to miss Survivor Series on Sunday due to the.

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65. Ronda Rousey seemed like she was looking forward to facing Becky Lynch at Survivor Series.

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66. Ronda Rousey has reacted to the news that she'll now be facing Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series instead of SmackDown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

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67. Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey was arguably the most anticipated match on the Survivor Series card, but Lynch was pulled from the match after she was injured during a multi-woman brawl on Raw this week.

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68. Ronda Rousey showed up in the closing moments of the Royal Rumble and made her WWE debut.

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69. Ronda Rousey appeared on Monday Night Raw this week to respond to the fiery promo Becky Lynch delivered on SmackDown Live six days prior.

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70. Ronda Rousey was born with a Neurogenic communication disorder that prevented her from communicating properly until she was six years old.

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71. Ronda Rousey is the current Raw Women's Champion, and she is the badest woman on the planet.

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72. Ronda Rousey has named her dream match in WWE—it's a current Raw superstar.

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73. Ronda Rousey has revealed, in a recent interview with the Pro Wrestling Illustrated podcast, that the person she'd love to face in WWE is Sasha Banks.

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74. Becky Lynch beating Ronda Rousey would take WWE women's division to the next level.

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75. In her autobiography, My Fight, Your Fight, Ronda Rousey wrote of an incident with an ex-boyfriend she dubbed "Snappers McCreepy" after she discovered that he had taken nude photos of her without her consent or knowledge, two weeks before her first fight with Miesha Tate.

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76. The next day, Ronda Rousey revealed that she was dating Browne.

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77. Ronda Rousey endorsed Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign in the 2016 United States presidential election.

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78. In April 2015, Ronda Rousey visited Yerevan, Armenia for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

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79. Ronda Rousey is an avid fan of Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon.

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80. Ronda Rousey was a vegan after Beijing 2008, but in 2012 described her current diet as "kind of a mix between a Paleo and a Warrior diet", trying to eat everything organic.

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81. On July 9, 2018, Ronda Rousey was confirmed as one of the two pre-order bonus characters for the video game WWE 2K19.

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82. Ronda Rousey was scheduled to star in a remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze action drama Road House.

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83. Ronda Rousey appeared in the Season 2, Episode 20 episode of Blindspot playing the role of Devon Penberthy, a prison inmate serving time for transporting weapons across state lines.

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84. Ronda Rousey hosted the January 23, 2016, episode of the late night variety show Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Selena Gomez.

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85. Ronda Rousey was on the cover of the January 2016 issue for The Ring magazine.

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86. In 2015, Ronda Rousey became the first woman featured on the cover of Australian Men's Fitness, appearing on their November edition.

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87. In May 2013, Ronda Rousey was ranked 29 on the Maxim Hot 100.

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88. Ronda Rousey appeared nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazines 2012 Body Issue and in a pictorial therein.

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89. The next night on Raw, Ronda Rousey was suspended for 30 days after she attacked Bliss, Kurt Angle and multiple officials.

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90. Ronda Rousey is notable for introducing trash talking to women's MMA.

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91. Ronda Rousey had no answer to Nunes' straight and overhand shots.

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92. In her seventh title defense, Ronda Rousey faced Holly Holm in the main event at UFC 193 on November 15, 2015.

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93. Ronda Rousey dedicated the match to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who died the day before, commenting that Piper was one of her inspirations and had endorsed her use of his nickname.

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94. Ronda Rousey fought Bethe Correia on August 1, 2015, in Brazil, at UFC 190, winning the bout by knockout 34 seconds into the first round.

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95. Ronda Rousey defeated Zingano with an armbar in 14 seconds, the shortest match in UFC championship history.

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96. In 2014, Ronda Rousey was named one of espnW's Impact 25.

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97. Ronda Rousey won the fight by TKO after knocking down McMann with a knee to the body in just over a minute into the first round.

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98. Ronda Rousey faced Miesha Tate, in a rematch from Strikeforce, at UFC 168 on December 28, 2013.

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99. Ronda Rousey defended her title against Liz Carmouche on February 23, 2013, at UFC 157.

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100. Ronda Rousey challenged Tate for her Strikeforce title on March 3, 2012, in Columbus, Ohio.

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101. Ronda Rousey defeated D'Alelio by technical submission due to an armbar early in the first round.

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