37 Facts About Perry Saturn


Since debuting in 1990, Saturn wrestled for promotions including Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


Perry Saturn was a former ECW World Tag Team Champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion, WCW World Television Champion, WWF European Champion and WWF Hardcore Champion.


Perry Saturn has been recognized by commentators as one of the more relevant stars in WCW and ECW in the late 1990s.


Perry Saturn debuted on October 27,1990, in Waltham, Massachusetts.


The Greek equivalent of the god Perry Saturn was Cronus, so Satullo chose the ring name "John Kronus" for Caiazzo.


On March 22,1994, Perry Saturn wrestled a dark match at a WWF Superstars taping in Lowell, MA.


Perry Saturn was respected for his focus and drive on fundamentals and technical wrestling.


Perry Saturn's childhood was referenced, with Raven bringing up the violence Perry Saturn incurred at the hands of his stepfather.


The enforcer of The Flock, Perry Saturn won gold on November 3,1997, when he defeated Disco Inferno to win the World Television Championship.


Perry Saturn held the title for a month before losing it back to Inferno in a rematch.


Later in the year, Perry Saturn was defeated by fellow Flock member Van Hammer in a "Loser Leaves The Flock" match.


Perry Saturn unexpectedly lost following copious interference from The Flock, and Lodi forced Perry Saturn to carry his bags, made him hold up pro-Lodi signs at ringside, and ordered him to chant Lodi's name while Lodi wrestled.


Raven began questioning whether Perry Saturn could "hurt those he wants to free so badly" and forced him to face Riggs.


Perry Saturn won cleanly, but refused Raven's order to break Riggs' fingers.


When Perry Saturn refused, Raven broke his fingers.


Raven repeatedly tried to goad Perry Saturn into breaking his word, but was unable to do so.


Perry Saturn went on to feud with Eddie Guerrero and Ernest Miller before beginning a rivalry with Chris Jericho.


Perry Saturn appeared to begin enjoying wearing dresses and even wore cosmetics to complement them.


Perry Saturn finally stopped wearing them after defeating Jericho in a dog collar match at Uncensored on March 14,1999.


Raven and Perry Saturn reunited in March 1999, feuding with Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit, members of the Four Horsemen.


Perry Saturn then teamed with Benoit in order to regain the titles.


Benoit and Perry Saturn continued to team together, and eventually formed a stable with Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko known as The Revolution.


Booker Kevin Sullivan opined that Perry Saturn was incapable of getting over with fans, prompting the wrestler to negotiate with the World Wrestling Federation.


Perry Saturn moved into the Hardcore division, pursuing then-champion Crash Holly.


Perry Saturn was later joined by Terri Runnels, who became his manager and onscreen girlfriend.


Perry Saturn began uttering the phrase "you're welcome" at inopportune intervals, and then fell in love with Moppy, an inanimate mop which he believed was alive, similar to Wilson the volleyball in the 2000 film Cast Away.


Terri Runnels told Perry Saturn to choose between Moppy and her, and was infuriated when Perry Saturn chose the mop.


Perry Saturn left Saturn for Raven, who helped her enact vengeance on Saturn by stealing Moppy and feeding her into a woodchipper.


Perry Saturn wrestled his final match with NWA-TNA on June 18,2003, defeating Kenzo Suzuki by disqualification.


Immediately after leaving the WWF, Perry Saturn toured Europe with the World Wrestling All-Stars promotion in their European tour, mainly working against Sabu.


Perry Saturn worked for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and on the American independent circuit before retiring from professional wrestling due to injuries in 2004.


Perry Saturn would be homeless for years due to drug addiction.


Perry Saturn returned to wrestling in 2011, wrestling his first match in over seven years on October 15,2011, at the AWE Night of the Legends pay-per-view show from Fishersville, Virginia facing CW Anderson.


In March 2013, Perry Saturn wrestled at Jerry Lynn's retirement show for Heavy On Wrestling in Minneapolis, MN.


Perry Saturn competed in the opening six-man tag match, where his team came out victorious.


Perry Saturn entered the Extreme Rising World Championship tournament which was eventually won by Stevie Richards, he was defeated in the first round by Luke Hawx.


In October 2021, Perry Saturn appeared at Awesome Wrestling Entertainment's Night of the Legends in Fishersville, Virginia.