81 Facts About Shane Douglas


Shane Douglas is best known for his tenures in Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation as Dean Douglas, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, where he worked as a wrestler and manager.


Shane Douglas gained attention when he won a tournament for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, where he publicly rejected the NWA title belt and helped ECW in evolving from an NWA territory to a national promotion.


Shane Douglas is an alumnus of the Psi chapter of Beta Theta Pi.


Shane Douglas had been wrestling professionally to earn money since 1982.


Shane Douglas wrestled "Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff in the debut episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge, using his real name.


Later that year, he began wrestling as a fan favorite for the Universal Wrestling Federation using the name Shane Douglas, which was given to him by "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt.


In 1988, Shane Douglas signed with the promotion World Championship Wrestling, then a member of the National Wrestling Alliance.

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Shane Douglas retained his Shane Douglas ring name and was put into a tag team of skateboarders known as The Dynamic Dudes with Johnny Ace.


Mick Foley has opined that since neither Ace nor Shane Douglas knew how to skateboard, the fans saw through the character and refused to buy into it.


Shane Douglas ended up turning on Douglas and Ace and the teams feuded for a couple of months.


Jim Cornette states that the end of the Dynamic Dudes came when Shane Douglas went over his head to Jim Herd about having a finish changed to make him look stronger.


Shane Douglas argued that they had been repeatedly promised a big push and were instead being booked to lose all of their big matches, then getting criticized for not getting over as a top team.


The Dudes would last wrestle together in March 1990, and Shane Douglas soon left WCW after broken promises to give him a push, and wrestled on the American independent circuit.


In 1990, Shane Douglas signed a deal with the World Wrestling Federation and made his debut on the June 18 episode of Prime Time Wrestling, defeating Bob Bradley, in a match taped in Toronto, Ontario, on May 27.


Shane Douglas remained undefeated in his first month, defeating Bob Bradley, Paul Diamond, and Steve Lombardi in a series of matches.


Shane Douglas teamed with Jannetty six times in matches against The Orient Express.


At the Survivor Series '90 PPV Shane Douglas defeated Buddy Rose in another dark match, and on January 3,1991, at a house show in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he scored the biggest victory of his nascent WWF career when he upset Dino Bravo.


Shane Douglas would make intermittent appearances in 1991, subbing for various wrestlers on house shows.


Shane Douglas made his pay-per-view return at Halloween Havoc, where he teamed with Tom Zenk and Johnny Gunn to compete against Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton and Michael Hayes in a winning effort.


Steamboat and Shane Douglas made a successful title defense against Windham and Pillman at Starrcade.


Steamboat and Shane Douglas began a lengthy rivalry with Pillman and his new tag team partner Steve Austin.


Steamboat and Shane Douglas successfully defended the tag titles against Austin and Pillman on the January 13,1993 Clash of the Champions XXII, before dropping the titles to Austin and Pillman on the March 27,1993, episode of Worldwide.


Shane Douglas had been scheduled to team with Steamboat in a steel cage match for a title shot at the NWA and WCW World Tag Team Championship at Slamboree, but was replaced by Tom Zenk in a mask.


Shane Douglas successfully defended the title against The Sandman at the UltraClash event.


Shane Douglas defeated Dreamer at Holiday Hell to end the feud.

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Shane Douglas developed a gimmick of a foul-mouthed, incredibly arrogant villain, and gave himself the nickname "The Franchise".


Shane Douglas gained notoriety when he wrestled Terry Funk and Sabu to a one-hour draw in the company's first-ever three-way dance for the ECW Heavyweight Championship at The Night the Line Was Crossed.


Shane Douglas dethroned Funk in an Ultimate Jeopardy steel cage match to win his second Heavyweight Championship at Ultimate Jeopardy.


Shane Douglas raised the ECW Heavyweight Championship belt and declared it to be a world championship belt, renaming it the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.


Shane Douglas closed 1994 with successful title defenses of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship against Ron Simmons.


In early 1995, Shane Douglas formed the Triple Threat faction, aligning himself with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko.


Shane Douglas started the year with successful title defenses of the World Heavyweight Championship against Tully Blanchard and Marty Jannetty.


Shane Douglas then entered a feud with The Sandman during a match at Three Way Dance, where Sandman's valet, Woman, seemed to have aligned herself with Douglas by helping him in retaining the title against Sandman by handing him Sandman's Singapore cane to attack him and get the win.


In 1995, Shane Douglas returned to the WWF with a college dean character under the ring name Dean Shane Douglas, making his first appearance on the July 29 episode of Superstars.


Shane Douglas would be shown taking notes of his opponents at ringside during some matches, and frequently carried a paddle with him to the ring.


Shane Douglas was set to wrestle Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship at In Your House 4, but Michaels forfeited the title due to injuries incurred after being attacked and beaten by a Marine in Syracuse, New York.


Shane Douglas immediately had to defend the title against rival Razor Ramon.


Ramon would go on to defeat Shane Douglas, ending his reign at only twenty minutes.


Shane Douglas was randomly paired with Razor, Owen Hart and Yokozuna against Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog and Sycho Sid in a Wildcard Survivor Series match at Survivor Series.


Shane Douglas eventually pinned Jack in a match at CyberSlam after performing a drop toe-hold onto an opened steel chair after Jack's partner Mikey Whipwreck betrayed Jack.


Later that night, Shane Douglas interrupted Taz's promo after a match between Taz and Sabu.


Shane Douglas defended his title against Taz, with the stipulation that Taz would not be able to compete in ECW for sixty days.


Shane Douglas lost the title in under three minutes after Taz made him submit to the Tazmission.


Shane Douglas then turned his attention on capturing the World Heavyweight Championship from Terry Funk and challenged him for the title at Heat Wave but lost by disqualification.


Shortly after, Sabu won the title but Shane Douglas remained in the title picture.

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At Hardcore Heaven, Shane Douglas defeated Sabu and Funk in a three-way dance to win the title for the third time.


In September 1997, Shane Douglas retained the title against Tommy Dreamer at Terry Funk's WrestleFest and against Phil Lafon in a no disqualification match at As Good as It Gets.


Shane Douglas was injured in the match and was sidelined for nearly two months, making his return to action on January 30,1998.


Shane Douglas suffered an injury which prevented him from competing for a couple of months but he has appeared on television, during which Triple Threat began feuding with Taz, Rob Van Dam and Sabu.


Shane Douglas faced Taz in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship at House Party, where he lost.


Shane Douglas continued to feud with the Impact Players until he left the company due to a disagreement with Paul Heyman.


Shane Douglas faced Flair for the first time on that same night in a match, which Shane Douglas lost by disqualification.


At Spring Stampede, Shane Douglas was paired with Buff Bagwell in a four-team tournament for the vacated World Tag Team Championship, where they defeated Harlem Heat 2000 in the semi-finals and the makeshift team of Ric Flair and Lex Luger in the finals, after Brian Adams and Bryan Clark delivered a High Times.


Shane Douglas resumed his feud with Flair, which culminated in a match between the two at Slamboree, which Shane Douglas won, with the help of Flair's son David Flair in disguise of a masked man.


Shane Douglas competed against The Wall in a Best of Five Tables match at The Great American Bash, which Shane Douglas won by driving Wall through three tables.


At Bash at the Beach, Shane Douglas defeated his former tag team partner Buff Bagwell, by debuting his new finishing move called Franchiser and with assistance by Torrie Wilson, who turned on Bagwell.


Shane Douglas would begin a rivalry with Kidman, which resulted in a loss for Shane Douglas in a Strap match at the New Blood Rising pay-per-view.


Shane Douglas faced Rection for the title at Starrcade, but lost by disqualification after Chavo Guerrero Jr.


In 2001, Shane Douglas defeated Rection in a first blood chain match to capture the title at the Sin pay-per-view.


Shane Douglas took him under his wing throughout the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004, as the two joined the company's tag team division.


Shane Douglas offered to become their manager, which they accepted.


Once they were deemed ready for competition, Shane Douglas billed them as "The Newly Franchised Naturals".


Shane Douglas came out after his match to heatedly confront Stevens about wearing his colors, leading to an in-ring confrontation between the two.


On October 10,2007, TNA announced that Shane Douglas was released from his TNA contract.


Daniels would come out to help Styles, only to have Shane Douglas hit him with a towel containing a pair of handcuffs.

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At the Slammiversary pay-per-view, Shane Douglas lost to Daniels in a second chance match, resulting in Daniels retaining his spot on the TNA roster.


On March 13,2009, Shane Douglas returned to the National Wrestling Alliance for the first time since he dropped the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 15 years, wrestling for the On Fire territory in a singles match, and defeating ECW alumnus Little Guido.


In 2012, Shane Douglas announced that he would take part in Extreme Reunion, an event consisting of former ECW Originals.


On March 24,2017, at a Pro Wrestling All-Stars of Detroit event, Shane Douglas defeated The Great Akuma in Melvindale, Michigan, to become the Pro Wrestling All-Stars Heavyweight Champion.


Shane Douglas lost the title on May 12,2017, when Breyer Wellington beat Douglas, Paul Bowser, and Atlas Hytower in a Fatal Four-Way match.


On May 13,2017, at XICW "Best In Detroit 20" in Clinton Township, Michigan, Shane Douglas beat Joe Coleman to become the XICW Xtreme Intense Champion.


On March 3,2018, at World BigTime Wrestlings' "Extreme Warfare" in Lucas County, Ohio, Shane Douglas defeated Shawn Blaze for the WBW Heavyweight Championship.


Shane Douglas lost the belt back to Blaze on May 5,2018, after the WBW commissioner interfered with the match.


Shane Douglas feuded with Bobby Fulton, squaring off against the former Fantastic in a series of hardcore matches.


Shane Douglas was a promoter for the Xtreme Pro Wrestling promotion.


In mid-2005, Shane Douglas conceived and, alongside Jeremy Borash, promoted and booked Hardcore Homecoming, a series of Extreme Championship Wrestling reunion events.


Shane Douglas was scheduled to headline the Extreme Reunion event scheduled for April 28,2012.


Unbeknownst to WWE, Shane Douglas appeared in the audience on the March 19,2012, episode of Raw to promote the event, but was escorted out of the arena by security after causing a disturbance.


Shane Douglas discussed this on Steve Austin's podcast during a two-part episode in April 2015.


Shane Douglas' twice won the title while the promotion was a National Wrestling Alliance affiliate named Eastern Championship Wrestling.


Shane Douglas held the title an additional two times after these events.