32 Facts About Paul Heyman

1. Paul Heyman has worked as a manager, promoter, commentator and entertainment producer.

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2. Paul Heyman appeared on the show to further his client's feud with AJ Styles, ahead of their.

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3. On Tuesday, Paul Heyman called Bryan the best in-ring performer in WWE history to take a shot at Styles.

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4. Paul Heyman has two children, a daughter named Azalea, born July 31, 2002, and a son named Jacob, born May 28, 2004.

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5. Paul Heyman would appear in a segment backstage the Raw after SummerSlam to invoke Lesnar's rematch clause against Roman Reigns for the Universal title at Hell in a Cell, but the rematch was denied by Kurt Angle.

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6. Paul Heyman would accompany Lesnar going into SummerSlam, where Lesnar's 504 day reign as champion would come to an end after Lesnar was pinned by Reigns.

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7. Paul Heyman returned with Brock Lesnar on the January 11, 2016 Raw, and was ringside with Lesnar for the Royal Rumble.

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8. Paul Heyman tried various times to get out of the match, which caused General Manager Brad Maddox to make the match into a no disqualification elimination handicap match.

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9. Paul Heyman was then booked to team with Axel against CM Punk in an elimination handicap match at Night of Champions.

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10. Paul Heyman announced that he would team with Axel against The Prime Time Players the next week, again to Punk's disapproval.

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11. Around this time, Paul Heyman quietly cut off his signature ponytail.

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12. Paul Heyman began accompanying Punk to the ring for his matches and promos.

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13. Paul Heyman returned to WWE on the May 7, 2012 episode of Raw as Lesnar's legal advisor, announcing that Lesnar had quit the company.

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14. Paul Heyman thought that the Big Show should be eliminated in the Elimination Chamber match by CM Punk via submission, in order to push the rising star.

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15. On July 10, 2005, it was reported that Paul Heyman took over the positions of head booker and writer in Ohio Valley Wrestling, a developmental territory maintained by WWE.

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16. Paul Heyman was the lead writer for SmackDown! from July 2002 to February 2003.

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17. Paul Heyman became a broadcaster for the WWF, replacing Jerry Lawler who quit due to a dispute when his wife was fired in February 2001.

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18. Paul Heyman bought out Gordon and became sole owner of ECW.

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19. From that point forward, Paul Heyman was in charge of the creative direction of the company.

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20. Paul Heyman came in to help Gilbert teach the younger wrestlers how to perform on interviews, but Gilbert's erratic behavior became too much for Gordon, who had a major falling out with Gilbert right before the "Ultra Clash" event on September 18, 1993.

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21. Paul Heyman led Rude to the United States title and the Anderson-Eaton tag team to the Tag Team titles.

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22. Paul Heyman admitted he learned more working with Ross than from his previous mentors.

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23. In 1988, Paul Heyman jumped to Jim Crockett Promotions, where Dangerously again managed the Original Midnight Express in a feud with the new Midnight Express and their manager, Jim Cornette, as well as managing "Mean" Mark Callous.

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24. Paul Heyman was the head booker for Windy City Wrestling in Chicago and started developing a reputation as being an innovative television writer and producer.

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25. At the urging of Bigelow, Paul Heyman made his managerial debut on January 2, 1987, initially appearing on the Northeast independent circuit before moving to a more high-profile stint with Championship Wrestling from Florida in February 1987.

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26. In 1985, Paul Heyman was hired by New York Studio 54 as photographer.

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27. Paul Heyman met Dusty Rhodes at a Jim Crockett Promotions taping, when he entered a production meeting.

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28. Paul Heyman decided he wanted to work in professional wrestling when he saw Vince McMahon interviewing Superstar Billy Graham.

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29. Paul Heyman has competed sporadically in the ring, most notably when he participated in the WWE Championship main event match in 2002 Rebellion pay-per-view.

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30. Paul Heyman owned and was the creative force behind the Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion from 1993 until its closure in 2001.

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31. Paul Heyman is an American entertainment producer, writer, performer, marketer, promoter, professional wrestling manager and commentator currently signed to WWE on the Raw brand.

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32. Paul Heyman had an interesting exchange with Star Sports with regard to Virat Kohli's absolutely stellar batting form.

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