29 Facts About Eric Bischoff

1. Eric Bischoff specifically dispelled this by saying that he did not base the nWo off of that angle, but he was influenced by Japanese wrestling's inclusion of more reality-based storytelling.

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2. Eric Bischoff had a lot to talk about on the first episode of his 83 Weeks podcast with Conrad Thompson.

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3. Eric Bischoff was born on May 27, 1955 in Detroit, Michigan.

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4. Eric Bischoff said it worked out well for Hall and Nash because they didn't work as many dates as when they worked for WWE.

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5. Eric Bischoff shows the cold and calculating nature of his character by humiliating Randy Anderson and his family.

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6. Eric Bischoff is often credited for taking WWE to the limit when he helped WCW Monday Nitro compete against Monday Night Raw in the late 90s.

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7. Eric Bischoff recently spoke with The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage for a new interview discussing the Attitude Era, working with Eugene and more.

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8. Eric Bischoff said on a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast: "I am a pretty good judge of character, at least I think I am in some ways.

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9. Eric Bischoff had heard rumours about McMahon from former WWE superstars who moved to WCW but he decided not to give them too much attention and instead focused on forming his own opinion about him.

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10. Eric Bischoff spoke to The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage this week.

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11. Eric Bischoff spoke to The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage this week.

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12. Eric Bischoff recently sat down for an interview with with The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage where he discussed The Attitude Era, working with Eugene and more.

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13. Eric Bischoff recently sat down for an interview with The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage where he discussed various topics.

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14. Eric Bischoff was interviewed by The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage this week.

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15. On May 5, 2011, Eric Bischoff announced that he was starting a brewing company in Cody, Wyoming.

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16. Eric Bischoff appeared as one of the "judges" on the show.

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17. In October 2013, Eric Bischoff was sent home by TNA to sit out the remainder of his contract, which expired in early 2014.

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18. On December 10, 2007, Eric Bischoff made his last contracted appearance with WWE on Raw for its 15th Anniversary Special, and was confronted by Chris Jericho, the man whom he fired on Raw on August 22, 2005.

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19. On March 5, 2007, Eric Bischoff made a brief appearance on Raw in Phoenix, Arizona to give Vince McMahon his thoughts on the WrestleMania 23 match against Donald Trump.

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20. Eric Bischoff restarted that match as a No Disqualification match, and Nitro took advantage of that using Melina to distract Hardy and striking him with the title belt.

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21. The next night on Raw, Eric Bischoff was reinstated as General Manager for one night only.

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22. Eric Bischoff is the 2nd place of the longest reigns as general manager in WWE History, with 3 years in total.

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23. In 2002, Eric Bischoff was hired by World Wrestling Entertainment to be the general manager of Raw.

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24. One of the last deals Eric Bischoff structured was a deal with the members of the rock band Kiss to have their own wrestling character known as The Kiss Demon.

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25. In early 1999, Eric Bischoff promoted Kevin Nash to head booker.

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26. In 1994, Eric Bischoff was promoted from Executive Producer to Executive Vice President, putting him in charge of everything WCW.

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27. In 1989, Eric Bischoff would become an on-air interviewer in and host of the AWA until the company folded in 1991.

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28. Eric Bischoff started in wrestling working for the Minneapolis, Minnesota based American Wrestling Association in 1987 under the ownership of Verne Gagne.

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29. Eric Bischoff is an entrepreneur, television producer, professional wrestling booker and on-screen personality.

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