19 Facts About Bruce Prichard


Bruce Prichard was born on March 7,1963 and is an American professional wrestling executive, booker, and producer and a former manager, commentator, and occasional professional wrestler.

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Bruce Prichard has previously worked for Houston Wrestling, the Global Wrestling Federation, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and Major League Wrestling.

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Bruce Prichard began his career in 1973 working for Paul Boesch's Houston Wrestling promotion out of Houston, Texas.

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The character was inspired by controversial televangelists of the time, with Bruce Prichard specifically citing Robert Tilton as his most direct inspiration.

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When Bruce Prichard first pitched the idea of Brother Love to WWF owner Vince McMahon, Vince generally liked the idea but did not believe that Bruce Prichard "had the face" for the role.

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Bruce Prichard told that the bright red face make up was unknown to him the first time he appeared on television as Brother Love.

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Bruce Prichard's release was actually due to personal and private issues that he had at the time and not because of the "I Can See" segment and he would eventually be re-hired and return to the WWF the following year, albeit in a different capacity not reprising the Brother Love role.

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Bruce Prichard returned to the WWF in August 1992 and portrayed two short-lived characters.

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However, Bruce Prichard has reprised his Brother Love character on occasion.

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Bruce Prichard managed The Undertaker for a match in Michinoku Pro Wrestling on October 10,1997, where he defeated Jinsei Shinzaki.

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On October 6,2011, Bruce Prichard took over the role of TNA head writer from Vince Russo.

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In May 2012, Bruce Prichard was promoted to Vice President of Talent Relations to replace Terry Taylor.

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In May 2013, Bruce Prichard began appearing as a judge alongside Al Snow and Taz in the monthly Gut Check segment on TNA Impact.

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In March 2017, it was announced that Bruce Prichard would be making his return to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

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Shortly after re-signing with the company, Bruce Prichard began appearing in an onscreen role for the recently renamed Impact Wrestling.

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On March 8,2018, it was announced that Bruce Prichard had been hired as a senior producer by Major League Wrestling, a wrestling promotion founded by former WWE writer, Court Bauer, in 2002.

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On January 22,2018, Bruce Prichard returned to the WWE for a one-off appearance as Brother Love on the WWE Raw 25 Years anniversary special.

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Bruce Prichard made a cameo appearance as Brother Love at the 2020 Money in the Bank pay-per-view, during the titular ladder match.

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Bruce Prichard is the brother of professional wrestler Tom Prichard and guitarist Chris Prichard.

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