16 Facts About Tom Prichard


Thomas Prichard was born on August 18,1959 and is a retired American professional wrestler and author.


Tom Prichard began his career in Los Angeles, around 1979, working for Gene and Mike LeBell's Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium wrestling promotion, where he held several championships in that organization, including the Americas tag team title with Chris Adams.


Tom Prichard joined Continental Championship Wrestling in 1986, and by 1988, he feuded with "The Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony.


Tom Prichard lost the title to Wendell Cooley on April 7,1989, in Knoxville, Tennessee, but regained the belt on June 23 of that year.


Tom Prichard held the title until the CWF closed later that month.


In 1990, Tom Prichard then moved on to the United States Wrestling Association, first working out of the Texas branch, where he formed a heel stable that included Eric Embry and Steve Austin, managed by Tojo Yamamoto.


Stan Lane and Tom Prichard formed a team as "The Heavenly Bodies" and joined Smoky Mountain Wrestling upon its formation in 1992, and on April 23,1992, in Harrogate, Tennessee, they defeated The Fantastics to become the first SMW Tag Team Champions.


Tom Prichard reformed the Heavenly Bodies with Jimmy Del Ray, and the two competed in both SMW and the World Wrestling Federation, wrestling the WWF World tag team champions the Steiner Brothers at SummerSlam 1993.


Tom Prichard fought in a couple of single matches against Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.


On November 16,1998, Tom Prichard became the masked Blue Blazer teaming with Jeff Jarrett losing to Steve Blackman and Goldust on Raw Is War.


On September 27,1999, Tom Prichard teamed up with Jeff Jarrett to face against Chyna and Debra on Raw Is War.


Tom Prichard hit Chyna with a guitar and Jarrett was knocked out cold as Chyna went for the victory.


Tom Prichard occasionally commentated for shows such as WWF Metal.


Tom Prichard went on to wrestle in the United Wrestling Association and in various other independent promotions in the Southeastern United States.


Tom Prichard holds training seminars in conjunction with certain promotions.


On May 30,2012, Tom Prichard was released from the WWE, being replaced by Bill DeMott as the head trainer.