32 Facts About Vince Russo

1. Vince Russo is the lead creative member, and will ultimately make the decisions regarding TNA booking.

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2. Vince Russo obtained a buyout from his Time Warner contract after the demise of WCW.

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3. Vince Russo began to de-emphasize the cruiserweight division as well as the luchadores and foreign talent; these were two of the things that distinguished WCW from the WWF.

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4. Vince Russo would surrender the title at the next WCW Monday Nitro, and in an outlandish turn of events, would show on Nitro a brain operation he had due to a concussion he sustained in the cage match.

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5. Vince Russo booked actor David Arquette to win the WCW World Title, and at one point toward the end of his WCW stay even booked himself to be champion.

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6. Vince Russo had "Rocky Maivia" turn heel and be known as "The Rock.

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7. Vince Russo would eventually become head writer for the WWF along with his partner, Ed Ferrara.

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8. Vince Russo came from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, where he managed two video stores before becoming involved in wrestling.

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9. Vince Russo is an American writer, known for working for American companies, most notably the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

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10. Vince Russo said he never called The Rock and pitched an idea.

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11. Vince Russo said in the video you can see below that back in 1999, he told the same story about The Rock and how he got his name.

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12. Vince Russo was very close friends with Joanie Laurer, professionally known as Chyna.

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13. From April 2016 to March 2018, Vince Russo brought "The Brand" to PodcastOne where he released podcasts five days a week with his co-host Jeff Lane on the platform.

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14. In July 2016, Vince Russo hosted a Fightful Wrestling podcast, but due to unforeseen personal issues, left prematurely in November 2016.

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15. In July 2014, Vince Russo started a weekly podcast entitled The Swerve.

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16. Vince Russo offered a VIP section on the website where a subscription fee of $2.95 a month had to be paid to view certain content, with occasional discount codes being offered.

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17. In May 2014, Vince Russo started a website called Pyro and Ballyhoo, where he gave his opinions and other content about the at-the-time ongoings in the professional wrestling industry as well as a variety of other topics in entertainment.

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18. Vince Russo believes one reason he is reviled is due to his take on the current WWE product; he believes there is too much actual wrestling and not enough storylines.

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19. Vince Russo believes in emphasizing entertainment over the in-ring aspect of professional wrestling.

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20. Vince Russo is one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling history.

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21. On December 8, 2017, Vince Russo signed with the Nashville, Tennessee-based Aro Lucha promotion as a script consultant.

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22. Vince Russo became head of creative for TNA some time during July 2009.

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23. On October 1, 2003, Vince Russo suffered the first loss of his in-ring career in a tag team match against Dusty Rhodes and Jeff Jarrett, although his partner, Styles, yielded the pin.

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24. Vince Russo left the company after the 2004 Victory Road pay-per-view.

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25. In July 2002, Vince Russo joined Jeff and Jerry Jarrett's NWA-TNA promotion as a creative writer and would assist in the writing and production of the shows.

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26. In September 2000, Vince Russo entered into an angle with Ric Flair.

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27. In 2000, Vince Russo received two phone calls, one from Bret Hart and another from Jeff Jarrett (then WCW United States Heavyweight Champion), both saying that they were injured, thus couldn't wrestle and forced to vacate their respective championships.

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28. In early 1997, Vince Russo became head writer for the WWF and wrote their flagship show Raw Is War as well as their monthly pay-per-views.

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29. Vince Russo hosted his own local radio show from 1992 to 1993 called Vicious Vincent's World of Wrestling which aired on Sunday nights on WGBB in Freeport, New York.

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30. Vince Russo got his start in pro wrestling when he began training under the tutelage of Johnny Rodz at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn.

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31. Vince Russo placed himself in multiple pay-per-view main events in TNA.

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32. Vince Russo occasionally made appearances as an on-screen authority figure, and professional wrestler, in WCW and TNA.

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