106 Facts About Eddie Guerrero


Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes was an American professional wrestler.


Eddie Guerrero was widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential professional wrestlers of all time.


Eddie Guerrero's gimmick was that of a "Latino Heat", a crafty, resourceful wrestler who would do anything to win a match.


Eddie Guerrero experienced various substance abuse problems, including alcoholism and an addiction to painkillers; these real-life issues were sometimes incorporated into his storylines.


Eddie Guerrero spent his early career wrestling in Mexican promotions and forming a popular tag team with Art Barr.


Later that year, Eddie Guerrero moved to WCW, where he became WCW United States Champion and WCW Cruiserweight Champion and led the Latino World Order.


Eddie Guerrero left WCW in 2000 after the company failed to elevate him to a main event spot.


Eddie Guerrero moved to WWF during the Attitude Era with his WCW colleagues Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, who formed a group called The Radicalz.


Eddie Guerrero went on to win the WWF European Championship and WWF Intercontinental Championship before he was released in 2001 due to addiction issues.


Eddie Guerrero climbed to main event status and won the WWE Championship, his sole world championship at No Way Out 2004.


Eddie Guerrero lost the title later that year but remained a popular main eventer until his death on November 13,2005.


Eddie Guerrero was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, where he graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1985.


Eddie Guerrero attended the University of New Mexico, and then New Mexico Highlands University on an athletic scholarship.


Eddie Guerrero followed in the footsteps of his brothers and father, who had wrestled in Mexico.


Eddie Guerrero's father allowed him and his nephew Chavo to wrestle each other during intermissions.


Eddie Guerrero wrestled as the original Mascara Magica in CMLL until his departure in 1992.


In Mexico, Eddie Guerrero wrestled mainly for Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion, teaming with El Hijo del Santo as the new version of La Pareja Atomica, the tag team of Gory Eddie Guerrero and El Santo.


Eddie Guerrero later said that no matter how many people joined los Gringos Locos, the stable was all about Barr.


In 1992, Eddie Guerrero began wrestling in Japan for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he was known as the second incarnation of Black Tiger.


Eddie Guerrero became more successful upon his return when he won the 1996 Best of the Super Juniors tournament of junior heavyweights.


Eddie Guerrero received a shot at the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion The Great Sasuke at Skydiving J, but lost the match.


Eddie Guerrero won the ECW World Television Championship from 2 Cold Scorpio in his debut match for Extreme Championship Wrestling on April 8,1995, at Three Way Dance.


Eddie Guerrero went on to have a series of acclaimed matches with Dean Malenko before they both signed with World Championship Wrestling later that year.


Eddie Guerrero returned to WCW in late 1995 along with Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit with whom he had worked with in NJPW and ECW.


Eddie Guerrero's first televised pay-per-view appearance was at World War 3 where he competed in the 3-ring, 60-man World War 3 battle royal for the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship.


Eddie Guerrero was one of the final nine men in the battle royal until he was tossed out of the ring by Four Horsemen members.


In 1996, Eddie Guerrero received several shots at the United States Heavyweight Championship against Konnan at Uncensored and Ric Flair at Hog Wild.


Eddie Guerrero feuded with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen during 1996 after Guerrero's partner Arn Anderson turned on him during a tag team match against Ric Flair and Randy Savage.


Eddie Guerrero started feuding with DDP to steal his nickname of "Lord of the Ring", but lost.


Eddie Guerrero participated in a tournament for the vacant WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and defeated DDP in the final round at Starrcade to win the United States title in December 1996.


Eddie Guerrero's reign came to an end at Uncensored when Dean Malenko defeated him for the title.


Eddie Guerrero dropped the Cruiserweight title to Rey Mysterio Jr.


Eddie Guerrero saved Chavo from beatings by Stevie Ray, seeming that he would align with Chavo but he wanted his release.


Furious, Eddie Guerrero demanded Bischoff release him from his contract on a live episode of Nitro.


Eddie Guerrero then left the company for months, angry at Bischoff for what he had done.


Eddie Guerrero let Brian Adams pin him and get an upset victory in a match.


On-screen, Eddie Guerrero responded to Bischoff's actions by forming the Latino World Order, which was a take-off of Bischoff's New World Order.


Eddie Guerrero faced Kidman in a match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, but Mysterio interfered and helped Kidman win the match and keep the title.


However, Eddie Guerrero was involved in a car accident on New Year's Day 1999 that cut short the LWO storyline.


Eddie Guerrero was victorious over Saturn by disqualification in a singles match at Halloween Havoc.


When Vince Russo was fired as WCW booker and replaced by Kevin Sullivan, Eddie Guerrero asked for and received a release from his contract on January 19,2000.


Eddie Guerrero signed with the World Wrestling Federation in 2000 along with fellow WCW stars Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn.


The night after WrestleMania 2000, on the April 3,2000 episode of Raw Is War, Eddie Guerrero faced off against Jericho for the European Championship.


Eddie Guerrero defeated Rios after arriving at ringside in a 1957 Chevrolet, even wrestling in his tuxedo pants and a bow tie.


Eddie Guerrero turned face and successfully retained the title against former Radicalz friends Saturn and Malenko in a triple threat match at Judgment Day, before losing the title to Saturn at Fully Loaded.


Chyna was upset when Eddie Guerrero pinned her to advance in the King of the Ring tournament.


Eddie Guerrero's team won the match, but Chyna scored the pin on Trish and became a two-time Intercontinental Champion.


However, this resulted in Eddie Guerrero "accidentally" pinning Chyna as her shoulders were still on the mat, and thus Eddie Guerrero won the match and his first Intercontinental Championship.


Chyna became visibly uncomfortable as Eddie Guerrero began to cheat in order to retain his title, while Eddie Guerrero was upset that Chyna was posing for Playboy magazine, even trying to invade the Playboy Mansion to stop the photo shoot.


Just when it appeared that Chyna would leave Eddie Guerrero, he proposed to her and she accepted.


At Unforgiven, Chyna helped Eddie Guerrero in retaining his title against Rikishi.


The engagement was called off when Eddie Guerrero was caught showering with two of The Godfather's hos claiming that "two Mamacitas are better than one".


Eddie Guerrero turned heel again as a result of the incident.


In early 2001, Eddie Guerrero feuded with Chris Jericho, Benoit, and X-Pac over Jericho's Intercontinental Championship.


Eddie Guerrero focused on the European Championship, feuding with the champion Test defeating him at WrestleMania X-Seven to win his second European Championship with help from Saturn and Malenko.


Eddie Guerrero eventually left the Radicalz, siding with The Hardy Boyz and Lita.


At this point, Eddie Guerrero developed an addiction to pain medication stemming from his 1999 car accident and in May 2001 was sent to rehab, missing the entire Invasion storyline featured his former fellow WCW wrestlers.


Eddie Guerrero started wrestling on the independent circuit after his release from the WWF.


Eddie Guerrero vacated the WWA Cruiserweight title in April 2002 after returning to the WWF.


Eddie Guerrero returned to New Japan Pro-Wrestling for a brief period in March 2002, this time unmasked.


Eddie Guerrero aligned himself with the villainous Team 2000 stable, and primarily teamed with Black Tiger.


Eddie Guerrero returned to the WWF on the April 1,2002 episode of Raw, attacking Rob Van Dam.


Eddie Guerrero feuded with Van Dam, defeating him for his second Intercontinental Championship at Backlash.


Eddie Guerrero then feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but Austin left the WWE before a match could take place.


Chris Benoit returned to WWE the night Eddie Guerrero lost the title and reunited with him.


Eddie Guerrero feuded with Edge, to whom he lost at SummerSlam.


In one of the team's definitive moments, Chavo told Benoit that his former friend Eddie Guerrero was assaulted by his tag team partner Angle.


Eddie Guerrero then appeared in the room and assaulted Benoit with a steel chair.


Eddie Guerrero made Mysterio submit to the Lasso from El Paso to win their first WWE Tag Team Championship.


Five days prior to Judgment Day, his real-life nephew Chavo tore his biceps and forcing Eddie Guerrero to look for another partner.


Eddie Guerrero chose Tajiri, and they won the WWE Tag Team Championship, Guerrero's second and Tajiri's first at Judgment Day by defeating Team Angle in a ladder match.


In July 2003, Eddie Guerrero competed in a tournament for the WWE United States Championship.


Eddie Guerrero managed to advance to the final round, defeating Ultimo Dragon and Billy Gunn in the process, where he would meet Chris Benoit.


At Vengeance, Eddie Guerrero turned to his cheating tactics, hitting Benoit with the belt at one point in the match.


Eddie Guerrero tried to get Benoit in trouble by placing the title belt on top of the unconscious Benoit.


At SummerSlam, Eddie Guerrero retained his title by defeating Rhyno, Benoit, and Tajiri in a fatal four-way match.


Eddie Guerrero quickly reverted to being a face by engaging in a rivalry with John Cena.


Eddie Guerrero engaged in a feud with Big Show, which involved Eddie Guerrero giving Big Show some laxative laced burritos and then later spraying Big Show from a sewage truck.


The feud ended when Eddie Guerrero lost the United States Championship to Big Show at No Mercy.


Eddie Guerrero feuded with Chavo and defeated him at the Royal Rumble to settle their feud.


At No Way Out, Eddie Guerrero defeated Lesnar in a shocking upset victory in the main event to win the WWE Championship.


At Judgment Day, Eddie Guerrero defended his WWE title against JBL, retaining the title after getting himself disqualified, hitting JBL with the championship title.


The match witnessed Eddie Guerrero bleed heavily mid-way in the match as a result of Eddie Guerrero performing a bladejob after a stiff headshot ringside with a chair from JBL.


At The Great American Bash, Eddie Guerrero defended the title against JBL in a Texas bullrope match.


JBL won after Kurt Angle reversed the decision after Eddie Guerrero appeared to have retained the title.


At SummerSlam, Eddie Guerrero lost to Angle after submitting to his ankle lock.


Eddie Guerrero defeated Reigns in a singles match at No Mercy.


Eddie Guerrero's team consisted of himself, Big Show, John Cena, and Rob Van Dam.


Along the way, Guerrero found a partner in Booker T At Armageddon, Guerrero and Booker's initial teamwork broke away, and the match ended with JBL pinning Booker following the Clothesline From Hell.


At the Royal Rumble, Eddie Guerrero entered the Royal Rumble match at No 1 and lasted 28:11 before being eliminated by Edge.


At No Way Out, Eddie Guerrero teamed up with longtime friend and sometimes rival, Rey Mysterio and defeated the Basham Brothers to win his final title, the WWE Tag Team Championship for a fourth time, with it being Mysterio's third reign.


Many expected the new champions to defend their title at WrestleMania 21, but after encouragement from Chavo, Eddie Guerrero challenged Mysterio to a one-on-one match instead so they could "bring the house down".


At Judgment Day, Eddie Guerrero lost to Mysterio by disqualification after hitting Mysterio with a chair.


Eddie Guerrero claimed that he had a child out of wedlock while his marriage was going through hard times.


Eddie Guerrero claimed he then allowed Mysterio and his wife, who were "having trouble conceiving", to adopt the child as their own.


At SummerSlam, Eddie Guerrero lost a ladder match over Dominik's custody to Mysterio.


Eddie Guerrero has been featured in WWE's Best Smackdown matches video of its 15-year Friday Night span, upon the show being moved to Thursday nights on Thursday, January 15,2015, he features in 5 of the top 15 matches including the number 1 spot where his No Disqualification bout with Edge topped the list of best Smackdown matches.


Eddie Guerrero was close friends with fellow wrestlers Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, JBL, and Dave Batista.


On November 13,2005, Eddie Guerrero was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Marriott Hotel City Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by his nephew, Chavo.


Eddie Guerrero was pronounced dead upon the ambulance arriving at the scene.


An autopsy revealed that Eddie Guerrero died as a result of acute heart failure due to underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.


Eddie Guerrero is interred at Green Acres Memorial Park Cemetery in Scottsdale, Arizona.


The 3 Doors Down song "Here Without You" was used as a tribute song for Eddie Guerrero, as was Johnny Cash's "Hurt".


Eddie Guerrero is regarded as one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time.


Eddie Guerrero was so entertaining, but he had all the technique.


Eddie Guerrero was such a great wrestler and he got it.