27 Facts About Rick Steiner


Beyond WCW, Rick Steiner found success in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he and Scott held the IWGP Tag Team Championship twice, and the World Wrestling Federation, where they won the World Tag Team Championship twice.

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Rick Steiner was a freestyle wrestling standout at the University of Michigan, where he placed second at the Big Ten Championships in 1983 for the Wolverines, became an NCAA qualifier, and established the fastest pin record in the school's history at 15 seconds.

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At the 1983 NCAA tournament, Rick Steiner wrestled against three-time All-American and future National Champion Tab Thacker of North Carolina State.

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Rick Steiner initially wrestled under the name Rob Rechsteiner before he took on the simpler ring name Rick Steiner.

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Rick Steiner spent time in the American Wrestling Association, Montreal promotion International Wrestling, and the Universal Wrestling Federation.

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Rick Steiner was a charter member of the faction known as The Varsity Club along with Mike Rotunda and their manager Kevin Sullivan, with the long-term angle being that Rotunda was favored by Sullivan and both of them looked at Rick Steiner as their dull-witted underling.

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Steiners left the WWF in 1994, with Rick stating that he felt that Vince McMahon was not following through with promises made to the team.

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Rick Steiner Brothers reunited in ECW on July 28,1995, defeating Dudley Dudley and Vampire Warrior.

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The following day, the Rick Steiner Brothers made their debut in the ECW Arena at Wrestlepalooza, where they teamed with Eddie Guerrero in a loss to Scorpio, Dean Malenko, and Cactus Jack.

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Rick Steiner made his return to New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1991 with Scott.

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Rick Steiner returned later that year while under contract with WCW with Keiji Muto as a tag team.

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Rick Steiner continued to wrestle in local venues and made several appearances, with fellow former WCW superstar Buff Bagwell, around the southeast United States and the independent circuit.

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In May 2002 Rick Steiner reunited with Scott, since the closing of WCW, and defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kensuke Sasaki which was refereed by Chyna.

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Rick Steiner then debuted for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling during the promotion's debut show on June 19,2002, where he participated in the 20-Man Gauntlet for the Gold match to determine a winner for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which was ultimately won by Ken Shamrock.

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Rick Steiner made a one-night return to TNA in October 2003, brawling with Jeff Jarrett.

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The deciding fall came when Scott lifted Ray on his shoulders and Rick performed his signature diving bulldog on Ray through a table, securing the win for the Steiners.

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On January 29,2008, Rick Steiner was released due to budget cuts, splitting up the brothers .

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On May 31,2013, the Rick Steiner Brothers won the Preston City Wrestling Tag Team Championships before losing it the following day.

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On November 5,2016 Rick Steiner lost to GNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Devon Nicholson for Great North Wrestling in Hawkesbury, Ontario.

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Rick Steiner made a return to Japan on September 19,2019 for Tokyo Championship Wrestling teaming with Kazushi Miyamoto defeating Elliot Russell and Sigmon.

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At NXT New Year's Evil, Rick Steiner appeared in the now renamed World Wrestling Entertainment in what is his first appearance since 1994, celebrated his son, Bron Breakker's first NXT Championship win over Tommaso Ciampa.

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Rick and Scott Steiner were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1,2022.

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Rick Steiner is currently with Rick Steiner and Associates at Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage in the North Metro Atlanta area.

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Rick Steiner is a school board member of the Cherokee County School District.

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Rick Steiner was disqualified from entering the Republican primary for the 2006 term, due to using the Steiner name rather than his legal name.

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Rick Steiner could have run for re-election had he presented a petition calling for this with 4,500 signatures; however, he was unable to do so.

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Consequently, Rick Steiner ran unopposed as a write-in candidate in November 2006 and won.

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