64 Facts About Nas


Nas was later featured on the 1991 single "Live at the Barbeque" by Main Source.

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From 2001 to 2005, Nas was involved in a highly publicized feud with Jay-Z, popularized by the diss track "Ether".

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In 2010, Nas released Distant Relatives, a collaboration album with Damian Marley, donating all royalties to charities active in Africa.

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In 2013, Nas was ranked 4th on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game" list.

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Nas is an entrepreneur through his own record label; he serves as associate publisher of Mass Appeal magazine and the co-founder of Mass Appeal Records.

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Nas's father, Olu Dara was born on Charles Jones III, and is a jazz and blues musician from Mississippi.

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Nas's mother, Fannie Ann was a U S Postal Service worker from North Carolina.

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Nas has a brother, Jabari Fret, who raps under the name Jungle and is a member of hip hop group Bravehearts.

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Nas's father adopted the name "Olu Dara" from the Yoruba people.

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Nas's parents divorced in 1985, and he dropped out of school after the eighth grade.

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Nas educated himself about African culture through the Five-Percent Nation and the Nuwaubian Nation.

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In 1989, then-16-year-old Nas met up with producer Large Professor and went to the studio where Rakim and Kool G Rap were recording their albums.

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In 1991, Nas performed on Main Source's "Live at the Barbeque", produced by Large Professor.

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In mid-1992, Nas was approached by MC Serch of 3rd Bass, who became his manager and secured Nas a record deal with Columbia Records during the same year.

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In 1994, Nas recorded the song "One on One" for the soundtrack to the film Street Fighter.

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Nas parted ways with manager MC Serch, enlisted Steve Stoute, and began preparation for his second album, It Was Written.

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The album was chiefly produced by Tone and Poke of the Trackmasters, as Nas consciously worked towards a crossover-oriented sound.

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In late 1998, Nas began working on a double album, to be entitled I Am.

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In 1998, Nas co-wrote and starred in Hype Williams's feature film Belly.

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Music critic M F DiBella noticed that Nas covered "politics, the state of hip-hop, Y2K, race, and religion with his own unique perspective" in the album besides autobiographical lyrics.

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Fans and critics feared that Nas's career was declining, artistically and commercially, as both I Am.

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In December 2002, Nas released the God's Son album including its lead single, "Made You Look" which used a pitched down sample of the Incredible Bongo Band's "Apache".

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The second single, "I Can", which reworked elements from Beethoven's "Fur Elise", became Nas's biggest hit to date in 2003, garnering substantial radio airplay on urban, rhythmic, and top 40 radio stations, as well as on the MTV and VH1 music video networks.

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In 2003, Nas was featured on the Korn song "Play Me", from Korn's Take a Look in the Mirror LP.

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At the 2009 Grammy Awards, Nas confirmed he was collaborating on an album with reggae singer Damian Marley which was expected to be released in late 2009.

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Nas's stuff is not really singing, or if he does, it comes off more hard, like on some street shit.

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Nas went on to say that it was "too early to tell the title or anything like that".

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Nas revealed that he would begin working on his tenth studio album following the release of Distant Relatives.

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In 2011, Nas announced that he would release collaboration albums with Mobb Deep, Common, and a third with DJ Premier.

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In January 2013, Nas announced he had begun working on his twelfth studio album, which would be his final album for Def Jam.

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In October 2013, DJ Premier said that his collaboration album with Nas, would be released following his twelfth studio album.

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In October 2013, Nas confirmed that a rumored song "Sinatra in the Sands" featuring Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland would be featured on the album.

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Nas has collaborated with the Australian hip-hop group, Bliss n Eso, in 2014.

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Nas was featured on the song "We Are" from Justin Bieber's fourth studio album, Purpose, released in November 2015.

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Nas was announced as one of the executive producers of the Netflix original series, The Get Down, prior to its release in August 2016.

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Nas narrated the series and rapped as adult Ezekiel of 1996.

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Nas appeared on DJ Khaled's album Major Key, on a track simply titled "Nas Album Done", suggesting an upcoming album was not only completed, but was imminent.

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In November 2016, Nas collaborated with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dave East and Aloe Blacc on a song called "Wrote My Way Out", which appears on The Hamilton Mixtape.

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In June 2017, Nas appeared in the award-winning 2017 documentary The American Epic Sessions directed by Bernard MacMahon, where he recorded live direct-to-disc on the restored first electrical sound recording system from the 1920s.

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Nas has been praised for his ability to create a "devastating match between lyrics and production" by journalist Peter Shapiro, as well as creating a "potent evocation of life on the street", and he has even been compared to Rakim for his lyrical technique.

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Nas's catalog includes songs narrated before birth and after death, biographies and autobiographies, allegorical tales and epistolary ones, he's rapped in the voice of a woman and even of a gun .

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In 2013, Nas was ranked fourth on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game" list.

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Jay-Z requested that Nas appear on his 1996 album Reasonable Doubt on the track "Bring it On"; however, Nas never showed up to the studio and was not included on the album.

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The feud was officially brought to an end in 2005, when Jay-Z and Nas performed on stage together in a surprise concert featuring P Diddy, Kanye West and Beanie Sigel.

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The following year, Nas signed with Def Jam Recordings, of which Jay-Z then served as president.

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Nas praised Cam'ron as a good lyricist, but branded his album Come Home With Me as "wack".

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Nas did not respond directly but appeared on the radio days later, calling Cam'ron a "dummy" for supposedly being used by Hot 97 to generate ratings.

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Nas eventually responded on his 2002 album God's Son on the song "Zone Out", claiming Cam'ron had HIV.

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About two weeks later, Nas was interviewed by Shaheem Reid of MTV News, where he criticised O'Reilly, calling him uncivilized and willing to go to extremes for publicity.

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In 2020, after Doja Cat faced accusations of participating in racist conversations on the internet, Nas referenced her in his song "Ultra Black", calling her "the opposite of ultra black".

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Nas has a partnership with Hennessy and has been working with their "Wild Rabbit" campaign.

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In May 2014, Nas partnered with job placement startup Koru to fund a scholarship for 10 college graduates to go through Koru's training program.

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Nas is a co-owner of a Cloud-based service LANDR, an automated, drag-and-drop digital audio postproduction tool which automates "mastering", the final stage in audio production.

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In June 2015, Nas joined forces with New York City soul food restaurant Sweet Chick.

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In June 2018, Nas was paid $40 million after Amazon acquired the doorbell company Ring Inc as well as PillPack - the latter of which he invested in via his investment firm, Queensbridge Venture Partners.

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Nas has continued to invest heavily in technology startups including Dropbox, Lyft, and Robinhood.

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Nas is a cousin of American actress Yara Shahidi and Sayeed Shahidi.

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Nas later confessed to Nas that she had a relationship with his then-rival rapper and nemesis Jay-Z, accusing Jay-Z of putting subliminal messages in his lyrics about their relationship together, causing an even bigger rift in the feud between the two men.

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Nas briefly dated Mary J Blige and Nicki Minaj respectively.

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In 2018, Kelis accused Nas of being physically and mentally abusive during their marriage.

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Nas replied to the accusations on social media, accusing Kelis of attempting to slander him in the time of a custody battle and accusing Kelis of abusing his daughter, Destiny.

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Nas's great-great-great-grandmother, Pocahontas Little, was an enslaved woman who was sold for $830.

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Nas is shown the marriage certificate of his great-great-great-grandmother, Pocahontas, and great-great-great-grandfather, Calvin.

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Nas is a fan of his hometown baseball team the New York Mets and English soccer team Everton FC.

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