16 Facts About South Philadelphia


South Philadelphia, nicknamed South Philly, is the section of Philadelphia bounded by South Street to the north, the Delaware River to the east and south and the Schuylkill River to the west.

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South Philadelphia began as a satellite town of Philadelphia, with small townships such as Moyamensing and Southwark.

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The recent revitalization of Center City Philadelphia and the subsequent gentrification of adjacent neighborhoods has led to dramatic rises in prices of housing in the neighborhoods of historic Queen Village, Bella Vista, and some other northern parts of South Philadelphia, leading to an influx of young urban professionals in those more northern neighborhoods.

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Portions of South Philadelphia are within Philadelphia City Council Districts 1 and 2.

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South Philadelphia Planning Analysis Section is bounded by South Street on the north and the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers to their confluence.

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In contrast, the vast majority of Italian immigrants that settled in Philadelphia came from regions of Southern Italy beginning in the 1890s, with most Italian immigration to Philadelphia occurring in the first half of the 20th century.

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Italians in South Philadelphia experienced widespread discrimination from the larger majority populations of Philadelphia.

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For example, Italian neighborhoods in South Philadelphia were heavily redlined for decades specifically due to their Italian-American demographics.

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However, Italian-Americans in South Philadelphia have contributed greatly to the culture of Philadelphia, establishing the Italian Market, creating both the cheesesteak and the hoagie, and introducing roast pork sandwiches, water ice, tomato pie and pizza to the cuisine of Philadelphia.

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The majority of the current African American population in South Philadelphia is descended from Southern migrants that moved into the city in high numbers during the first Great Migration in the early 20th century.

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SEPTA's Broad Street Line subway services South Philadelphia and provides quick access to Center City and North Philadelphia.

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I-76 becomes the Schuylkill Expressway at Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia and allows access between this section of the city and University City, Center City, 30th Street Station and the western suburbs.

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South Philadelphia is served by bike lanes on many streets going in all directions.

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South Philadelphia was a part of their territory, in which they fought with rival bootleggers William Michael "Mickey Duffy" Cusick and Joe Bruno during Prohibition.

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Zoned public high schools in South Philadelphia include South Philadelphia High School, Audenried High School, and Furness High School.

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Passyunk Avenue, running on a diagonal from Broad Street to South Philadelphia Street, is a formerly thriving consumer district currently undergoing revitalization efforts.

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