15 Facts About WFLD


WFLD is a television station in Chicago, Illinois, United States, airing programming from the Fox network.

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WFLD was founded by a joint venture of the parties that each competed individually for the license and construction permit to operate on UHF channel 32.

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WFLD was noteworthy for being the longtime home of the local B-movie program Svengoolie.

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WFLD began to beat WGN-TV in ratings as a result of its stronger programming acquisitions, and the two stations continued to go head-to-head throughout the 1980s.

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WFLD scored no big ticket program acquisitions in 1980 or 1981; however, in 1982, the station won the local syndication rights to popular series such as Three's Company, Taxi and Mork and Mindy.

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WFLD was the first of the stations that Field Communications sold when it began the liquidation process in September 1982 completing the deal for WFLD in March 1983.

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WFLD remained the top-rated independent station in Chicago throughout Metromedia's ownership of the station.

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When Fox ended the weekday editions of the Fox Kids block in January 2002, WFLD added more first-run reality and talk shows to its lineup.

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In September 2006, WFLD relaunched its website, migrating it to the "MyFox" platform that was rolled out to the other Fox-owned stations.

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WFLD acquired the rights to broadcast Major League Baseball games from the Chicago White Sox in 1968, assuming the contract from WGN-TV.

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Under the initial deal, WFLD carried White Sox games until 1972, when the team returned to WGN through a joint arrangement with WSNS-TV that lasted through the 1980 season and exclusively during the 1981 season; WFLD reassumed Sox game rights in 1982, carrying most of the team's non-cable games.

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Since 2018, WFLD has, through Fox, aired any Bears games that are part of the Thursday Night Football package.

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In September 1990, WFLD announced plans to launch a 24-hour local cable news channel, to have been named "Chicago Cable News", in conjunction with former WLS-TV and WMAQ-TV weathercaster John Coleman and local cable provider Tele-Communications Inc, for a tentative launch in January 1991.

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Largely due to Jacobson's influence, WFLD's newscasts have somewhat less of a tabloid feel than other Fox stations.

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WFLD maintains a Mobile DTV feed over the mobile digital signal of sister station WPWR-TV, which carries the WFLD mobile simulcast in addition to that of its main channel on 50.

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