24 Facts About Bears

1. The Bears extended Goldman last summer with the intention of taking advantage of the prime years of his career.

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2. The Bears have appreciated his steady if not spectacular play over the last three seasons.

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3. The Bears lost their way out of the 2018 playoffs because of missed field goal.

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4. Chicago Bears intend to bring in competition for much-maligned kicker Cody Parkey, according to general manager Ryan Pace.

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5. Chicago Bears intend to exercise edge rusher Leonard Floyd's 2020 fifth-year option, general manager Ryan Pace recently told reporters, including Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

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6. The Bears had one bad game on special teams against the Patriots.

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7. The Bears are going to evaluate all of their players, but I figure Long will be in good shape when it comes to the roster.

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8. The Bears had 23 kickoff returns in 16 regular-season games.

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9. The Bears were his first NFL team after 11 years of college coaching experience.

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10. At the minimum, Pace said the Bears will have a kicker competition in 2019, if not an outright change.

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11. The Bears imposed their will on a Vikings team that didn't have many answers.

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12. The Bears were eliminated and Parkey became enemy No 1 in the greater Chicago area.

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13. The Bears are happy with the work of defensive line coach Jay Rodgers, who helped develop former second-round pick Eddie Goldman and has overseen the ascent of defensive end Akiem Hicks.

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14. The Bears are no doubt closer to pursuing a Super Bowl championship than the Broncos but Donatell was passed over for the coordinator position.

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15. Chicago Bears found a replacement for Vic Fangio, hiring Chuck Pagano.

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16. The Bears have 10 of their 11 starters under contract for next season.

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17. The Bears stretched the Vikings' defense our horizontally early on by running sweeps and end-arounds.

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18. Chicago Bears clearly made wise decision in retaining Vic Fangio.

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19. The Bears added to their lead midway through the second when a sliding Anthony Miller hauled in an 18-yard touchdown from Trubisky.

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20. The Bears are then home for two games, against the Rams and Green Bay.

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21. The Bears put themselves in the driver's seat for the division title, while the Vikings now face the immediate task of staying ahead of Green Bay.

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22. The Bears are doing their best to make this game interesting.

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23. The Bears opened as a 3-point favorite over the Lions for Thursday's game at Ford Field.

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24. The Bears have allowed 778 rushing yards to 779 for New Orleans.

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