13 Facts About Al Martinez


Al Martinez was a columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

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Al Martinez was known for his writings for several television shows, such as Hawaii Five-O in 1978, the short-lived 1980 police drama B AD Cats, and Out on the Edge, a 1989 television movie starring Rick Schroder.

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Al Martinez's writings focused mainly on political, health, and social issues within the Latino American community.

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Al Martinez was born in Oakland, California, to Alfredo and Mary Martinez.

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At age 20, Al Martinez married Joanne Cinelli, a fellow San Francisco State graduate.

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Uniquely, Al Martinez would refer to his wife simply as "Cinelli" throughout his writings.

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Al Martinez died at 85 years old from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on January 12,2015.

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However, Al Martinez grew weary of Oakland and wrote about a particular experience he had while encountering a dog:.

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Al Martinez could have been the love child of an unholy union between Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo.

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Al Martinez was most noted for his work in the Los Angeles Times, where he began work in 1972.

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Al Martinez won a lifetime achievement award from the California Chicano News Media Association in 2002.

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Al Martinez received recognition for his columns by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

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Al Martinez received an Emmy nomination in 1992 for his screenplay writings for "Out on the Edge".

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