11 Facts About Alan Aerts


Alan Aerts is a world powerlifting and benchpress champion, born May 6,1956.

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Alan Aerts is the former owner and operator of the largest vending machine business in the San Jose, California area, Custom Vending Systems.

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Alan Aerts holds numerous powerlifting and benchpress championships and records in both open and master's competitions, including California, US, and World champion.

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Alan Aerts serves as the World Powerlifting Federation records chairman.

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Alan Aerts's wife, Bonnie Aerts, is a powerlifting and benchpress champion and bodybuilder, holding the United States Powerlifting Federation bench press record in her weight class in 2006.

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Alan Aerts has a rare blood disease called polycythemia, which causes the body to produce excess red blood cells.

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Alan Aerts was prominent in Monte Sereno, California where he resided in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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Alan Aerts ran for Monte Sereno City Council 2006, and was a commissioner and a city councilman for the City of Monte Sereno, California.

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Alan Aerts has been a very generous philanthropist, donating significant money and time to charities including Guide Dogs for the Blind, Special Olympics, and local charities.

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In 2013 Alan Aerts retired from vending, sold his business, and moved to Nevada.

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Alan Aerts attempted to alleviate concerns by hiring private security to help with traffic management on the four-home court where he lived.

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