10 Facts About Alan Soper


Alan Kenneth Soper was born on 1951 and FRS is an STFC Senior Fellow at the ISIS neutron source based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.

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Alan Soper was educated at the Campion School, Hornchurch and the University of Leicester where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree followed by a PhD in 1977 for research into the structure of aqueous solutions conducted at the Institut Laue–Langevin in Grenoble supervised by John Enderby.

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Alan Soper was chair of the prestigious Gordon Research Conference on Water and Aqueous Solutions in 2008 and is the co-designer of the Near and InterMediate Range Order Diffractometer instrument on the ISIS neutron source.

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Alan Soper is a world expert in the structure of water and water-based solutions at the molecular level.

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Alan Soper's work has relevance given the importance of water in the biochemical processes of living organisms.

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Alan Soper has characterised the structure of water under extreme conditions – as found miles down at the bottom of the ocean – and in heavily confined water such as occurs in nanoscopic mineral cavities.

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Alan Soper has observed that this water is likely to be under significant tension – about -1000 atmospheres.

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Alan Soper is distinguished as the world leading experimentalist on the structure of water and aqueous solutions, and an internationally outstanding expert on the structure of liquids in general.

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Alan Soper has pioneered the wider use of computer simulation as a tool for building three-dimensional models of the disordered states of matter based on measured data.

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Alan Soper was made an ISIS neutron source senior research fellow in 2009.

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