12 Facts About Alan Tarney


Alan Tarney was born on 19 November 1945 and is an English record producer and musician.


Alan Tarney was born in Northside, Workington, Cumberland, but spent his teenage years in Adelaide, Australia, where he met his songwriting and musical partner Trevor Spencer.


Alan Tarney is best known for his association with Cliff Richard and producing "Take On Me" by a-ha.


Around this time Alan Tarney joined the Shadows and was a member from 1973 to 1977.


In 1979, Alan Tarney began the biggest period of his career when he wrote and arranged the Cliff Richard No 1, "We Don't Talk Anymore".


Alan Tarney went on to bigger success in the mid-1980s when he teamed up with Norwegian pop band A-ha.


Alan Tarney worked on the band's biggest selling first three albums, being a co-Producer of Hunting High and Low, and Producer of Scoundrel Days and Stay on These Roads.


Alan Tarney renewed his working relationship with the band in the production of their album release Cast in Steel.


Alan Tarney produced David Cassidy's comeback 1985 album Romance, which included the top ten hit "The Last Kiss" co-written by Raymond Hoskins and David Cassidy.


Alan Tarney returned again to write and produce for the Cliff Richard albums Always Guaranteed and Stronger.


Alan Tarney wrote two songs for the Sky album Cadmium - "Return to Me" and "A Girl in Winter" - at the request of long-time associate, and Sky member, Kevin Peek.


Alan Tarney has a daughter, Mia, a professional artist painter; and a son, Oliver, who works in the film industry.