10 Facts About Alanah Pearce


Alanah Pearce was born on 24 August 1993 and is an Australian video game writer and former journalist.

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Since 2020, Alanah Pearce has worked for American game developer Santa Monica Studio.

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Alanah Pearce has reported on video games for various news outlets including entertainment news website IGN.

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Alanah Pearce was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, on 24 August 1993.

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Alanah Pearce was raised in Cairns, and later spent nine years in Brisbane.

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From 2012 to 2015, Alanah Pearce wrote gaming news for around a dozen news outlets, including Impulse Gamer, Zelda Universe, the BBC, and worked stints at Australian radio and television stations.

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Alanah Pearce cohosted the SXSW Gaming Awards alongside Rich Campbell in 2018.

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In November 2020, Alanah Pearce joined Sony's Santa Monica Studio as a video game writer.

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In September 2021, Alanah Pearce revealed that she was part of the development team behind Ragnarok.

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Alanah Pearce is the host of the Play, Watch, Listen podcast, along with Troy Baker, Mike Bithell, and Austin Wintory.

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