90 Facts About Alastair Cook

1. Alastair Cook was 33 when he retired after 161 Tests; Joe Denly, the latest pick at the top of the order, will begin his Test career today only a year younger.

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2. Alastair Cook has another new opening partner, Mark Stoneman, and he's out the same way.

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3. Alastair Cook was allowed to miss a tour game in Bangladesh to be present at the birth of the second child, Isabelle, on 13 October 2016.

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4. Alastair Cook used his skill with the saxophone to contribute to Freefonix, a CBBC animated series with music-based adventures.

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5. Alastair Cook became just the fifth player to score a century in their first and last Test match.

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6. Alastair Cook came in down the order for England's second innings after being injured in the field and made an unbeaten 49.

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7. Alastair Cook scored 47 in England's second innings to help England to a convincing nine wicket victory.

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8. Alastair Cook became the 12th international cricketer to reach the landmark and the first Englishman.

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9. Alastair Cook made 75 in England's first innings as they posted 350 to equal New Zealand's first innings score.

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10. Alastair Cook was the third highest scoring Englishman with an average of 37.

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11. Alastair Cook went on from there to captain them in a U19 Test win over Bangladesh before taking the One-Day series too.

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12. Alastair Cook joined them in their bid to defend their Friends Provident Trophy matching Varun Chopra's 65 in a 124 run partnership against Lancashire to gain a place in the semi-final.

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13. Alastair Cook scored 76 not out in the second innings before the match was rained off, stopping Essex pressing for victory.

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14. Alastair Cook scored less favourably in his one Twenty20 Cup appearance, scoring only nine runs.

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15. Alastair Cook is an honorary life member of the club.

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16. Alastair Cook played sporadically for Maldon over seven years, with an average of 168 in his final year.

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17. Alastair Cook was appointed MBE in 2011 and upgraded to CBE in 2016 for services to cricket.

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18. Alastair Cook was appointed captain of the Test team after fellow opener Andrew Strauss's retirement on 29 August 2012.

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19. Alastair Cook played in several of England's youth teams from 2000 until his call up to the Test side in 2006.

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20. Alastair Cook is the leading run-scorer in Test matches for England, and the youngest player to complete 12,000 Test runs.

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21. In the modern era of batting, Alastair Cook proved that there is room for the dour, stonewalling efforts required to save Test matches.

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22. Alastair Cook jumped 11 spots in the latest ICC Rankings for Test batsmen after his match-winning effort in the fifth and final Test.

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23. Alastair Cook was born on 25 December 1984 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England.

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24. Alastair Cook went on to break all batting records at Bedford, making 19 centuries in total.

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25. Alastair Cook made history with a century on his Test debut against India in March 2006, after being called up as an emergency replacement when he had been in the West Indies on a tour with the ECB National Academy.

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26. Alastair Cook was only 15 years old when he made his second XI debut for Essex in August 2000.

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27. Alastair Cook is one of the most solid batsmen around and leads England with dignity in Test cricket.

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28. Alastair Cook has celebrated the total number of 33 birthdays till date.

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29. Alastair Cook has his name written on record books all around the cricketing world.

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30. In 2009, Alastair Cook modeled naked alongside fellow cricketers James Anderson and Stuart Broad to help raise awareness for testicular cancer on behalf of the Everyman Campaign.

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31. Alastair Cook has donated his time to various charities including taking part in The Great City Race for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

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32. Alastair Cook married his childhood sweetie Alice Hunt in on 31 December 2011.

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33. Alastair Cook has scored more centuries, 27, than any other England player.

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34. At the age of 19, in 2005, Alastair Cook made a double century against a touring Australia side whose bowling attack was led by Brett Lee and Jason Gillespie.

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35. Alastair Cook hit two centuries on the tour where England reached the semi-finals.

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36. Alastair Cook was born on the day of Christmas in 1984 in Gloucester.

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37. Alastair Cook is already hailed as one of the greats of English cricket.

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38. Alastair Cook believed the bowling he faced was faster, more accurate and more consistent than, say, Geoff Boycott used to face.

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39. Alastair Cook has retired, Broad is not in the side at the moment and Anderson's role in these conditions has diminished compared to home series.

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40. Alastair Cook has retired, Broad is not in the side at the moment and Anderson's role in these conditions has.

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41. Alastair Cook was a left-arm batsman who was known for his neatness in the.

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42. Alastair Cook opened the batting for England for 12 years.

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43. In December 2011, Alastair Cook married Alice Hunt, whom he had known since childhood.

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44. Alastair Cook has donated his time to various charities including taking part in The Great City Race for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and modelled naked alongside fellow cricketers James Anderson and Stuart Broad to help raise awareness for testicular cancer on behalf of the Everyman Campaign.

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45. Alastair Cook has written a column in The Daily Telegraph and Metro.

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46. Alastair Cook made 49 in England's second innings as they were dismissed for 207 to lose by an innings and 75 runs.

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47. In the third Test, Alastair Cook made 27 in the first innings before making 12 in the second innings, as England lost the match by eight wickets.

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48. In the first Test against Bangladesh, Alastair Cook scored 4 in the first innings and then made 12 in the second.

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49. On 22 July 2016, Alastair Cook equalled Don Bradman's record of having hit 29 Test centuries when he scored 105 on the opening day of the 2nd Test against Pakistan at Old Trafford.

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50. In the first Test against Sri Lanka, Alastair Cook could only make 16 but England went on to win the match by an innings and 88 runs.

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51. In the Test series against South Africa, Alastair Cook made a duck in the first innings of the first Test, but England recovered to post 303.

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52. In the second Test Alastair Cook scored 65 in the first innings as England posted 242.

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53. In the first Test, Alastair Cook continued his resurgence with his 27th century in Tests, scoring 162 in the second innings as England ultimately made 478 all out.

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54. In the third Test in Barbados, Alastair Cook scored 105 in England's first innings, his first Test century in almost two years.

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55. In the first Test of the three-Test series, Alastair Cook registered scores of only 11 and 13, in an otherwise strong performance from England.

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56. Alastair Cook continued his captaincy of the Test team, having not scored a century since May 2013.

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57. On 19 December 2014, Alastair Cook was removed as one-day captain, and replaced by Eoin Morgan.

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58. Alastair Cook continued to struggle for form in the Test series against Sri Lanka, scoring 17 and 28 as England drew the game.

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59. Alastair Cook continued in his role as captain for the home series against Sri Lanka.

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60. Alastair Cook scored 35 in the third match as England finally won their first game of the tour.

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61. Alastair Cook top-scored in England's second innings with 65 but it wasn't enough as England slumped to defeat.

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62. The final match ended in a draw, with Alastair Cook failing to pass fifty in either of his innings.

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63. Alastair Cook made 59 against Sri Lanka, but England lost the game meaning they were not assured of their place in the next round.

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64. Alastair Cook led England in the 2013 Champions trophy, and they won their first game against Australia.

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65. In the first Test match, Alastair Cook made a century to help England battle to a draw after a poor showing in the first innings.

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66. Alastair Cook continued his impressive form in the ODI series, scoring 75 in the first match, which helped England win the game.

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67. On 6 December 2012, Alastair Cook became England's leading scorer of centuries after making a hundred against India in Kolkata.

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68. On 29 August 2012, Alastair Cook became England's Test captain after previous Test captain Andrew Strauss retired from all forms of cricket.

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69. The next match ended in a draw, with Alastair Cook making decent contributions, despite failing to pass fifty.

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70. Alastair Cook scored 60 in the first match but England lost by 126 runs.

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71. In the second ODI Alastair Cook made an unbeaten 80 to help guide England to victory.

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72. In the second Test at Adelaide, Alastair Cook scored another century, his 15th, which saw him match Bradman in scoring 15 centuries before his 26th birthday.

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73. In the first Test Alastair Cook was unimpressive, making scores of 8 and twelve, although England went on to win the match by 354 runs.

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74. In his first Test as captain in Chittagong, Alastair Cook led the team to a win, despite a strong rearguard from Bangladesh, with the top score in both innings.

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75. When the Tests arrived, Alastair Cook continued to notch a half-century in one innings of each match, but was outshone by opening partner Strauss's centuries.

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76. Alastair Cook picked up his first ODI Man of The Match award in the fourth game after scoring 80 to help England win by five wickets.

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77. In the first Test, Alastair Cook made scores of 36 and 17 as the match ended in a draw.

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78. For his debut match at Lord's, Alastair Cook was shuffled down to third to make way for the returning Trescothick.

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79. Alastair Cook had his first taste of international cricket playing the U15 World Cup in 2000.

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80. Alastair Cook played in every first-class match for Essex and helped them clinch the Totesport League Title for the first time in 20 years.

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81. Alastair Cook is a keen musician: by the age of eight he was learning the clarinet and joined St Paul's Cathedral School in London, an independent school connected to the cathedral, as a chorister, where he boarded under a rigorous schedule of rehearsals.

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82. Born in Gloucester, Alastair Cook is one of several players of Anglo-Welsh heritage to play for England; his mother Stephanie is a teacher from Swansea, while his father Graham worked as a telecommunications engineer and enjoyed village cricket.

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83. Alastair Cook was appointed MBE in 2011 and CBE in 2016 for services to cricket.

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84. On 30 May 2015, Alastair Cook became the leading run-scorer in Test matches for England, surpassing Graham Gooch.

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85. Alastair Cook played for Essex's Academy and made his debut for the first XI in 2003.

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86. Alastair Cook has scored a record 33 Test centuries for England and is the first England player to take part in 50 Test victories.

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87. Alastair Cook is England's most-capped player and has captained the team in an English record 59 Tests and 69 ODIs.

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88. Alastair Cook is the fifth highest Test run scorer of all time.

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89. Alastair Cook was lauded as England's "greatest ever player" by former opening partner Andrew Strauss during his final Test before international retirement.

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90. Alastair Cook dubbed 'England's greatest player ever' by former opening partner Andrew Strauss.

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