18 Facts About Albano Laziale


Albano Laziale is a comune in the Metropolitan City of Rome, on the Alban Hills, in Latium, central Italy.

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Albano Laziale is one of the most important municipalities of the Castelli Romani, and a busy commercial centre.

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The territory of Albano Laziale is partially included in the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani.

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Highest peak of the town of Albano Laziale is the Colle dei Cappuccini, located at 615 m above sea level.

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Albano Laziale is located in the area in which, according to the legend, Aeneas's son, Ascanius, founded Alba Longa.

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Albano Laziale developed from this settlement, as is shown by the main streets, which still follow the ancient decumanus and cardo.

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Albano Laziale is the twelfth most populous municipality in the Metropolitan City of Rome, and the second of the Castelli Romani after Velletri.

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Albano Laziale is one of the 5th century suburban bishoprics of the Catholic Church, Rome diocese.

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In 1998, Albano Laziale established an ecumenical evangelical community, the result of the merger between the Evangelical Baptist Church with the local ecumenical group of Albano Laziale.

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In 1764 the Regular Poor Clerics of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools of the Nazarene College of Rome, commonly called the Piarist, took possession of the Palazzo Pamphili in Albano Laziale, who has since adopted the name of the palace of Nazareth College.

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Episcopal Seminary of Albano Laziale was created in 1628 by Cardinal Bishop Carlo Emanuele Pio di Savoia, and remained open until 1921.

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Theatrical activity at Albano Laziale is historically very lively, and centres on the Teatro Comunale Alba Radians, recently renovated and restored.

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Albano Laziale is provided with a philharmonic hall, and philharmonic orchestra the Cesare Durante Municipal Complex Band, which has achieved outstanding results in national competitions such as third at the Golden Wand and first place at the 13th Town of Cascina national contest for bands.

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Albano Laziale's economy is historically linked to wine production, active primary importance in an area such as the Alban Hills known for its wines since Roman times as the Castelli name of Albanum.

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In 1995 the local units of industry in the town of Albano Laziale was 475, one of the ten most massive concentration of industrial activity in the southern quadrant of the Metropolitan City of Rome.

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Town of Albano Laziale is historically subject to a difficult situation in terms of water supply: the lack of important sources of water has forced the municipality since the 17th century to use water from the nearby territories Ariccia and Nemi.

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Albano Laziale has considerable tourism potential, which have been stepped up in recent years, due to the archaeological Castra Albana, the natural beauty of the Colle dei Cappuccini and the shores of Lake Albano Laziale.

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Albano Laziale is represented in volleyball by the Albalonga Volleyball Club.

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