11 Facts About Albert Langen


Albert Langen was a German publisher and founder of the satirical publication Simplicissimus.

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Albert Langen found a friend in the Dane, Vilhelm Petersen, who had lived in Paris since 1890 under the name Willy Gretor.

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Albert Langen took over Gretor's grandiose apartment on the Boulevard Malesherbes, along with expensive furniture and an extensive collection of images .

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Hamsun's novel Mysterium had been rejected by S Fischer Verlag, but Langen was so moved by a German translation of the work that he offered to pay Samuel Fischer for the printing costs.

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When this still failed, Albert Langen founded a publishing house to bring out the work himself.

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Albert Langen's took their children back to Paris and lived with the illustrator, Paul Iribe.

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Albert Langen took advantage of these events to begin new projects.

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Albert Langen's will appointed four long-standing collaborators as curators for his publishing house.

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Albert Langen merged with Georg Muller Verlag in 1932 to form Langen Muller Verlag.

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Albert Langen is especially known for his contribution to modern book design.

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Albert Langen was not a typical publisher, in that he ran the company not only out of economic considerations, but with a cultural-political mission.

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