12 Facts About Albrecht Ritschl


Albrecht Ritschl was a German Protestant theologian.

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Albrecht Ritschl held the Christ's message to be committed to a community.

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Albrecht Ritschl was professor of theology at Bonn and Gottingen, his addresses on religion delivered at the latter university showing the impression made upon his mind by his enthusiastic studies of Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Schleiermacher.

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Albrecht Ritschl claimed to carry on the work of Luther and Schleiermacher, especially in ridding faith of the tyranny of scholastic philosophy.

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Albrecht Ritschl attempted to demonstrate that Kant's epistemology was compatible with Lutheranism.

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Albrecht Ritschl's work made a profound impression on German thought and gave a new confidence to German theology, while at the same time it provoked a storm of hostile criticism.

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From this vantage-ground Albrecht Ritschl criticizes the use of Aristotelianism and speculative philosophy in scholastic and Protestant theology.

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Albrecht Ritschl holds that such philosophy is too shallow for theology.

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Albrecht Ritschl must be regarded in His active relationship to the "kingdom", as spiritual personality revealed in spiritual purposiveness.

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Albrecht Ritschl is the perfect Revelation of God and the Exemplar of true religion.

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Albrecht Ritschl's work in founding the kingdom was a personal vocation, the spirit of which He communicates to believers, "thus, as exalted king", sustaining the life of Albrecht Ritschl's Kingdom.

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We note here that though Albrecht Ritschl gives Jesus a unique and unapproachable position in His active relation to the kingdom, he declines to rise above this relative teaching.

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