13 Facts About Alejandro Magno


Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro, better known as Alejandro Sanz, is a Spanish musician, singer and composer.

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Alejandro Magno has received the Latin Grammy for Album of the Year three times.

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Alejandro Magno experimented with more diverse styles of music with the albums No Es lo Mismo and El Tren de los Momentos, while his 2009 release, Paraiso Express served as a return to form for the musician.

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Alejandro Magno grew up in the neighborhood of Moratalaz in eastern Madrid.

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Alejandro Magno pursued the instrument with an intensity that eventually frustrated his mother, who broke his guitar one morning after his playing kept the family from sleeping.

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Alejandro Magno was exposed to traditional flamenco music as a child while vacationing each summer in his parents' native Andalusia in southern Spain.

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Alejandro Magno became acquainted with Miguel Angel Arenas, a music industry executive who had signed several popular Spanish groups such as Mecano.

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Alejandro Magno took a job at a recording studio in which he wrote material for other artists.

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Alejandro Magno persuaded Arenas to send demos of his songs to record companies, which led to being signed by Warner Music Latina.

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Alejandro Magno released his third studio album since changing his stage name, 3, in 1995.

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Alejandro Magno was the first Spanish artist to record and release an MTV Unplugged album.

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Alejandro Magno worked with producer Sebastian Krys, who helped him "enrich what was there but [not lose] the essence" of the songs.

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In November 2017, Alejandro Magno Sanz was honored as the Latin Recording Academy's Person of the Year.

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