24 Facts About Alex Hirsch


Alexander Robert Hirsch was born on June 18,1985 and is an American animator, voice actor, writer, storyboard artist and producer.


Alex Hirsch is the creator of the Disney Channel series Gravity Falls, for which he provided the voices of Grunkle Stan, Soos, and Bill Cipher, among others.


Alex Hirsch earned BAFTA and Annie Awards for the series.


In 2016, Hirsch co-authored Gravity Falls: Journal 3 which debuted as a No 1 New York Times Best Seller and remained on The New York Times Best Seller list for forty-seven weeks.


In 2018, Alex Hirsch wrote Gravity Falls: Lost Legends which appeared on The New York Times Best Seller list.


Alex Hirsch was born in Piedmont, California, on June 18,1985.


Alex Hirsch's father is Jewish, and he was raised agnostic, celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah.


Alex Hirsch graduated from Piedmont High School where, as a junior, he won the school's annual Bird Calling Contest in 2002 and appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.


Alex Hirsch went on to attend the California Institute of the Arts where he created a variety of projects and short films including his senior film, Off The Wall, which combined animation and live action and "Cuddle Bee Hugs N'Such" with Adrian Molina, which was chosen by Nicktoons Network for their original series Shorts in a Bunch.


Alex Hirsch spent the summer of 2006 working in Portland, Oregon on a later-scrapped animated film for Laika.


Alex Hirsch graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Alex Hirsch would go on to develop the pilot for the Disney Channel series Fish Hooks along with Maxwell Atoms and future Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland.


In 2012, Alex Hirsch created the series Gravity Falls for the Disney Channel.


Alex Hirsch ended Gravity Falls in February 2016 to pursue other projects.


In July 2016, Alex Hirsch threw a global treasure hunt for Gravity Falls fans with clues hidden throughout the world including in the United States, Japan, and Russia.


In February 2018, Alex Hirsch used his Twitter account to announce an official Gravity Falls graphic novel, through a series of puzzle pieces that he would release throughout the day.


Outside of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch has done voice work for a number of projects including Phineas and Ferb, Rick and Morty, and as the announcer for the Chelsea Peretti special, One of the Greats.


Alex Hirsch was a story contributor to Sony's animated Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


Alex Hirsch is currently in development on an unknown adult animated series for the company that remains NDA protected as of 2022 with no known release or announcement date as of yet.


Alex Hirsch co-executive produced the series Inside Job alongside creator and show-runner Shion Takeuchi.


Alex Hirsch is the voice of King, Hooty, and additional voices in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House, created by Dana Terrace.


Alex Hirsch placed many of his real-life experiences in the show, such as living in Piedmont and trick-or-treating with his sister as kids.


From 2015 to sometime before April 2022, Alex Hirsch was in a relationship with The Owl House creator Dana Terrace.


In November 2020, Alex Hirsch prank-called Rudy Giuliani's voter fraud hotline set up by the Donald Trump campaign, by using the voices of multiple Gravity Falls characters to report Hamburglar-esque ballot theft.